A WDW Morning

In the morning I enjoy tuning into Radio Disney on Live365. Radio Disney is broadcast from Birmingham, Alabama and plays music from WDW. I discovered Live365 when I worked in the IT Department at Team Disney. One of my fellow contractors, also a writer, was originally from New York. He was living in Ocala and commuting to WDW. We bonded right away. Every morning I’d hear him say over the cube wall, “Kathy, are we having fun yet?” And then he’d say, “I’d be having more fun selling hot dogs.” He was also struggling working there.

For example, I couldn’t find anybody to help me with getting my questions answered, even for something as simple as, “Where is the printer paper?” The manager had paraded my Silicon Valley resume around, and the staff members felt threatened by me. They shouldn’t have. But at least the contractors bonded. It was a situation of “us against them” – not pleasant. I couldn’t believe the sabotage going on.

Anyway, this guy had the opposite problem – he was working for a micro-manager. So as soon as I heard him ask his morning question, I’d pop into his cube to chat (one of the few people who would talk to me), and I noticed he would bring his really nice laptop with him and would play Live365. I have him to thank because Rich and I then bought our own spiffy laptop and subscribed to Live365. I don’t regret either – that was probably the best part about working there. And that’s how I now have a little bit of WDW with me every morning.