Greetings from California

We’re back – we’re exhausted but we had a fabulous time!

As a peek into some of the highlights, here’s a list of people we’d like to thank:

The DCA CM “Dad” – for putting his arm around me and welcoming me home and leading the crowd in singing “Happy Birthday” for an early birthday celebration at Disneyland – just like a father welcoming home his prodigal daughter

The Security Guard “Dad” – for understanding what I was saying when I told him about moving to Orlando and welcoming me back “home” and telling me about how much he loved Las Vegas

The Paradise Pier Front Desk CM – for bestowing the honor of being the “Big Kahuna Suite Family,” complete with pictures, leis, and other special treatment throughout our stay (including the personalized birthday pin)

The Annual Passport CM – from Kauai who thought we were back from our Hawaiian honeymoon because we were wearing the “Big Kahuna” leis and took a great picture of me and made me think someday I would work for Disney again but at Disneyland and not Disney World

The Other Guests – who were friendly, polite, courteous, and those with well-behaved children

Stay tuned for more pictures, comments, and reports.