Sharing Positivity in the Writing, Disney, and Cruise Communities

During this difficult time, I noticed that writers are actively seeking out other writer’s books, asking where to buy them, and cruise/Disney vloggers are actively uploading vids that are uplifting. I love this.

One of the cruise vloggers (Scott Singer Cruises) I subscribe to uploaded a vlog from his 2019 Alaska cruise this morning. I noticed it really picked people up. For me, too. So I started sorting through some of my travel and cruise videos and uploading them.

And why not combine both – my love for travel, cruising, and writing books set on cruise ships and other touristy locales. Here are some links you night be interested in:

Travel Blog (Two4Disney) – Covers Disney, Cruising, Las Vegas, and other Travels with a link to my novels, too.

Two4Disney on YouTube – A few of our travel adventures uploaded in small bites. More to come. Not much of a channel yet, but why not subscribe and let’s build this thing together.

Screamie Birds Studios – My writing/music web site where I keep you up-to-date on my latest music and fiction creations.


Dreaming of a Pool

As our frequent moves can testify (basically from California/Las Vegas to Florida and back three times), there’s always this in-between time when trying to get settled after a cross-country move. I’m usually not very productive during one of those transition periods. I never feel that much at home in my office or studio. So I usually flail about, blog a lot, and generally do whatever my anxious brain will allow me to do.

This time was different. For one thing, for most of the time here, I had access to a fabulous casita. I loved it! I was so productive out there. In fact, it was the best part of this rental house. it felt normal – new carpet, even. Until the sliding glass door started becoming irregular and unreliable. Concerned that it would get stuck open, allowing the cats to get out, we stopped using it. Especially since the owners won’t fix it (we also discovered they’ve put this house up for sale – we discovered this when a realtor texted to set up a showing).

Anyway, back to the casita. I moved my studio into the “dungeon” – that room on the first floor that’s always cold and where the cat litter is situated in the attached bathroom. As a tri-level, the living room and kitchen are on the second floor, the level where my casita was located (over the garage).

Even though we’re in-between, I still participated in 2 FAWMS (February Album Writing Month), 1 50/90 (write 50 songs in 90 days), and 1 Rocktober (perform classic rock songs). That’s pretty darn good. I also finished writing draft 1 of a novel, although I haven’t really been able to focus on finishing draft 2.

But now that we may or may not be 30 days from closing, I’ve kinda lost all focus on anything other than blogging – lol!

And I’ve gotten totally distracted and off topic. I called this post “Dreaming of a Pool” and I’m thinking this one would look pretty awesome in our backyard:

Cruise… Imagine(Disney)… Read…

Two4Disney is live again with a new look and focus on content. As you may notice on the HOME page, the tag line is now “Cruise… Imagine… Read… the three areas we hope to focus on for this site. It’s repeated on the “Featured” images section below the header. Clicking on any of these will take you to the Menu.

As I’ve mentioned on the landing page (NEW), my childhood/young adult life influenced my love for Disney and cruising and, of course reading/writing (and music). I was always a storyteller but I only started sharing my stories with the world later in life. And, surprise, surprise, they often take place on cruise ships.

As a reader, I just had to travel to some of these places I’d read about, starting with the American South for Gone With the Wind, which led to Asia for Oriental Hotel. As a writer, the location is also a character. Two books take place in Las Vegas (The Tom Jones Club and Deja Vu at the Blue Diamond Saloon), three partially on cruise ships, Real Women Wear Red, Real Women Sing the Blues, Deja vu at the Blue Diamond Saloon (partially), and my current manuscript in progress.. (If you’re concerned about cruising and the CoronaVirus, read my novels instead – lol!)

We do have a Med Cruise booked for our 25th wedding anniversary next year. We may or may not go, because who knows the future that far out? But in preparation, I’m rereading one of my favorite Laura Caldwell novels, Burning the Map, because it takes place in both Rome and the Greek Islands.