Our 18-Month Florida Vacation Playlist

For videos of our most recent time living in Central Florida, check out our 18-Month Florida Vacation Playlist on our new YouTube Channel.

Catching up with Central Florida Weekend, Day 3: Sunday Brunch at Disney Springs

We woke up so stiff and exhausted, we decided a Disney treat was in order. We thought we might head on over to Geyser Point for lunch after church, but we were a bit early so we thought we’d kill some time at Disney Springs.

By the time we parked and walked around, we were so caught up in the Disney Springs fun, we decided to stay for lunch. We already have ressies at The Boathouse and Homecoming for summer celebrations later this summer, so Raglan Road with its dark, cool interior was beckoning. It was one of our favorite hangouts when we lived in Windermere and when Rich noticed a sign for “Brunch,” well, we couldn’t resist.

We were seated in the Music Room and I enjoyed photos on the wall of musicians and the music coming from the speakers. I felt in touch with my Irish ancestry and musical family – the music room was the perfect room for us.

Jose, our server, introduced himself and the special of the day, which was Salmon and Waffle. When Rich heard that, he put down his menu and ordered one of those. I chose one of my favorites, breakfast potatoes with eggs, but this time pork belly was added, which I must say right now, was absolutely awesome!!!

We were undecided about drinks – I was still feeling the drinks from the previous two days, but we couldn’t resist so Rich ordered the Bloody Mary and I had the G&T (Gin & Tonic) with a grapefruit twist – seemed to be my fruit this weekend.

The drinks were a good choice as were our brunch items. We were also served some sort of smoothie and some brown bread. After brunch, we stopped in at Sprinkles and got a couple of cupcakes – Salted Caramel and the Red Velvet, which we’d first tried at Sprinkles at Disneyland, which we took home to enjoy later.

All in all, we were absolutely in love with this brunch experience – the food (Rich was pounding his fist on the table in pure ecstasy), the drinks, the service, the atmosphere, the fun, the company – I could definitely do this every Sunday!

One of the songs we heard was the Hills of Donegal, and we cracked up over the Las Vegas references, etc. I felt so at home. Yes, I could definitely do this every Sunday! (Video preview here.)


Catching up with Central Florida Weekend, Day 2: Port Canaveral/Cocoa Beach/Disney Cruise Ship

We woke up this morning and thought, “Hey, let’s go to Cocoa Beach.” Imagine that – waking up and saying that. Much harder to do in Vegas. 🙂

But first we wanted to stop by that new housing community we’d had our eyes on – the one with the rental we almost got but somebody got there first. Later I thought, “Hey, we’d rather buy one of these than rent one – we should look into it.”

Lots for the next phase should be available in August or so and then time for building. This might work out but we’re going to see what else is out there, too.

After our tour, we headed toward Port Canaveral. And, yes, a Disney ship was in port. Woo hoo! We remembered a seafood restaurant we’d gone with Brother Bob during the 2010 Food & Wine Festival trip but we couldn’t remember the name. So I searched on our web site and, sure enough, found the name. We did the voice GPS thingie and “she” found it.

Outside seating was full and we were starving so we were happy to be seated by the window. We ordered drinks – this time I got the Margarita (one of the most amazing ever!) and Rich got some sort of Rum, Vodka Fruity thingie. He was quite happy with it.

We looked at the menu and I wanted the tacos, which came in 3s, but I only wanted 2 so we solved that problem when Rich ordered the tacos, too, and ate the extra one. They were quite scrumptious, but, for me, the real star was that Margarita. After lunch, we walked around and soaked up the atmosphere, views of the Disney cruise ship, dolphins, and pelicans. And then drove to Cocoa Beach for a brief stop on the beach. Can’t do it all at once – lol!

I can see from the photos that this is when Rich flashed his “happy, happy” smile – it was so worth all the trouble to get here.

I could do this every Saturday. I’m sure Rich could, too.

Living on Redwood Shores in the San Francisco Bay when we were newlyweds, we were surrounded by Pelicans – how we have missed our little friends!