The Ridiculousness of the #Covid-19 Situation (#Rant)

Now I’m not saying we shouldn’t do our #socialdistancing thing and #stayhome as much as possible, we absolutely should, but some of these decisions others are making for us are totally ridiculous. Like:

  • Designating liquor stores as non-essential when, in fact, buying wine, beer, and liquor in a mostly empty liquor store would be less dangerous than in a grocery store where there are more people.
    (Okay so we now order wine online.)
  • Closing parks and beaches when, in many cases, you could quite easily enjoy some fresh air and exercise and still keep your social distance. Otherwise, people crowd the side of the roads to park, being in closer proximity than if they parked in a designated parking lot.
    (We have our spots so it doesn’t really affect us but I hate to see such ridiculousness.)
  • Cox designating new installs as nonessential when, in fact, you contracted to build a new house way before Covid-19 was a thing, your job is essential, but the only way you can work is to work at home and need internet. I don’t often usually this, but WTF??? (“What’s This Foolishness”) – lol!
    (Okay, so we go with Century Link and Cox won’t be part of our lives at all anymore. We already switched to YouTubeTV a couple of months back due to their ridiculousness.

Neither of us suffer fools well, and this whole situation smacks of fools in charge.

I’m definitely in the camp of opening the country gradually and carefully, instituting different ways of doing things. But as it is now, it feels like there’s a power grab and abuse of power, creating situations that will cause critical harm down the road. We must work together to find the balance.

The house is almost finished. The side fence is finished, along with the front and side landscaping, the A/C unit is installed. Waiting for last-minute touches like the trim paint and some touch-ups to the exterior before our first walkthrough. The movers and “junk” haulers are booked and are prepared for social distancing, sanitizers, etc.

So anxious to be home during a time like this.


We’ve got landscaping in the front of the house. In Las Vegas, or every place we’ve lived except Florida, for that matter, the backyard landscaping is up to you.

Still waiting on Nevada Power and the side fence/gate. We won’t have a closing date until Nevada Power does its thing, and we can’t give notice on our rental until we have a closing date, so we hang in limbo.

In the meantime, our toilet paper order finally arrived – yay! But it’s commercial-grade, meaning rough and each roll individually wrapped. Well, I guess if hotels and restaurants are closed, we get their TP – lol! (At least we have some now!)

As for wine, that’s a bit trickier. We like to pop into a liquor store (quite empty – easy to avoid people), but they’ve been deemed “non essential” – even here in Las Vegas. Not a fan of this governor, I can tell you that. We’ve been getting our groceries delivered to avoid the stores, so not sure what we will do about wine – lol!

We were so unprepared for this crisis. Packing up one house, preparing to move… purposely not stocking up. And we’re not stockers anyway. We like to shop every few days or so. Besides, that tiny refrigerator can’t hold much. Oh yes, we’d much prefer living in our own home during a crisis.

But in some ways, life hasn’t changed much. It’s comforting to know that, in the middle of change everywhere, venturing into the unknown, life remains the same. The sun comes up each morning and sets each evening, the mountains and desert and burros we see on our Red Rock Canyon drive are still there. The dirt and rocks and cactus are real. The things I wish could be done away with after this crisis will probably have an even stronger presence. People will be people, selfish, selfless, opinionated, strong-willed, looking for ways to use this crisis to promote whatever it is they are selling. Social media will be even stronger. So will cults. So, yeah, there’s all that… life goes on.

And God has His plan.

We’ve Got Doors!

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, we were hoping to see doors installed when we drove by our new home after work. And doors we have – all but the garage door. It’s exciting to see progress being made. We also noticed the spindles on the staircase have been installed, the backyard brick fence is almost finished, interior doors and white baseboards are in place. Oh, yes, the roof is also done. It’s starting to look like a real house!

Front door to be painted to match roof tiles – front bedrooms shutters installed to be painted – driveway and walkway done.

I can’t wait to be home again. Much easier to cope with life when you’re home. I also can’t wait to live in a “real” house again on a real street with a real 2-car garage with a garbage disposal, working cooktop, etc., etc. It’s been quite a challenge living in this rental. And, to top it all off, it’s situated in a courtyard and often delivery people can’t find the front door. And the neighbor lets his dog out unsupervised and he always seems to “go” in front of our house.

Three-story courtyard house with 3 houses on the left side and two houses on the right side and one behind. Ground floor is a bedroom suite and laundry room with entry to garage. The second floor is the living room, kitchen, and half bath – living room extends to the right over the garage, next to deck and separate casita (not in photo). The third floor is the master suite only.

Dreaming of a Pool

As our frequent moves can testify (basically from California/Las Vegas to Florida and back three times), there’s always this in-between time when trying to get settled after a cross-country move. I’m usually not very productive during one of those transition periods. I never feel that much at home in my office or studio. So I usually flail about, blog a lot, and generally do whatever my anxious brain will allow me to do.

This time was different. For one thing, for most of the time here, I had access to a fabulous casita. I loved it! I was so productive out there. In fact, it was the best part of this rental house. it felt normal – new carpet, even. Until the sliding glass door started becoming irregular and unreliable. Concerned that it would get stuck open, allowing the cats to get out, we stopped using it. Especially since the owners won’t fix it (we also discovered they’ve put this house up for sale – we discovered this when a realtor texted to set up a showing).

Anyway, back to the casita. I moved my studio into the “dungeon” – that room on the first floor that’s always cold and where the cat litter is situated in the attached bathroom. As a tri-level, the living room and kitchen are on the second floor, the level where my casita was located (over the garage).

Even though we’re in-between, I still participated in 2 FAWMS (February Album Writing Month), 1 50/90 (write 50 songs in 90 days), and 1 Rocktober (perform classic rock songs). That’s pretty darn good. I also finished writing draft 1 of a novel, although I haven’t really been able to focus on finishing draft 2.

But now that we may or may not be 30 days from closing, I’ve kinda lost all focus on anything other than blogging – lol!

And I’ve gotten totally distracted and off topic. I called this post “Dreaming of a Pool” and I’m thinking this one would look pretty awesome in our backyard: