What’s Next for Two4Disney?

We’ve stumbled onto this YouTuber – The Motorhome Experiment – and I’ve been binge-watching these videos. We’ve been kicking something like this around for some time, although we’d probably get a Fifth Wheel instead of an RV because we’d rather drive a pick-up instead of a bus (my parents had an RV and my aunt and uncle had a Fifth Wheel).

One of our fun outings is to walk Fort Wilderness at WDW to check out the various types of RVs. For now, we’re just dreaming – none of this will happen until Rich’s retirement, which is about nine or 10 years away.

Class A Motorhome – convenient snacks going down the road

 Airstream Camping Trailer – small but adorable

Fifth Wheel – driving a truck vs driving a bus

In the meantime, Rich’s work brings us back to Las Vegas, and we’re very excited about it. We desperately needed a break from the desert and Florida has been, once again, a fabulous vacation, but it’s time to go home. Our Florida vacation is coming to an end. As one California friend said, “Back to Disneyland.” 🙂

Anyway, back to the Motorhome Experiment – they start out in Las Vegas with their countdown of going full-time by preparing and getting rid of extra stuff and selling their house in 2016. They’ve traveled to Florida and back, Mexico, and trips up the West Coast from Las Vegas to San Diego to Sonoma to the Oregon Coast, Washington and Alaska. Even stopped at Disney World and Disneyland! Simply amazing. It truly shows what an interesting life you can live if you’re the sort to drive/live in some sort of recreational vehicle.


The Motorhome Experiment Web site and YouTube Channel.

KOA Campground Information

Fifth Wheel vs Class A Motorhome

One Year Ago

One year ago we were finishing up packing our suitcases for our flight from Las Vegas to Tampa on Saturday morning. Rich worked that Friday so I was sprucing up the house, doing last minute laundry, and preparing for the pet sitter.

We had until 10 minutes before the flight to cancel so we weren’t actually sure we’d make it back to Florida. But we were desperate to leave Vegas, the real estate market was finally looking promising for selling our house, and we sensed that this trip to Florida was an important one.

So here we are one year later, preparing to pack to move from our temporary housing for the past six months into our brand new Florida beach house. Wow!! We can’t wait to finally start the settling in process.

Highlights from last year’s trip to Florida:

Move-In Day

The long haul driver has arrived with our belongings – yay! But I’m not at the “resort.”

Early this morning we decided I should stay back at the hotel with the kitties, giving them a relaxing day with both them and me out of the way. Besides, I’ll be super tired, hot, sweaty, and short-tempered. In spite of my best of intentions and prayers for self-control, I’ll be yelling and swearing – lol!

It’s best for everyone if I stay here. 🙂


Notes from the Road Day 9

Rich went to work today while I spent another day in another Residence Inn with the cats. My main priority today was to clean this room – after one day here, all the dishes seemed to be dirty, but, then, this place hasn’t been that well-stocked. I have to say, Residence Inns have deteriorated since the last time we took a road trip. Breakfast consists mainly of sausage and scrambled eggs – no toast, potatoes, or muffins like before.

And their markets don’t stock wine or beer either like before. It used to be the civilized way to travel across the country – no more. Guess we are so done with cross-country moving. 🙂

But back to my main priority today – I loaded the dishwasher with every plate, cup, glass, fork, and spoon – and took a nap because I barely slept at all last night. Well, guess what? The water has been turned off for most of the day – no clean anything and no toilet flushing. The front desk said they were doing maintenance and had informed everyone. Not us! It was supposed to be finished by 3 pm but now they say, close to 4 pm, that they have no idea when it will be working. Sheesh!

So the plan for tomorrow has changed. Instead of holding up here with the cats while Rich supervises the offloading of our stuff, we’ll all go to the resort, we can stash the kitties in the second bathroom, and I can start unpacking. It’s going to be a grueling day ahead. Don’t know what we’ll do tonight. Hopefully, the water will be on soon.

Notes from the Road Day 3

After purging our home of appox. a quarter of our stuff, we expected the packing to go rather quickly. How wrong can you be? Rich kept me updated with text messages. So… the guy in charge usually works the moving end of things – not packing – and it showed. He was horribly slow and moronic. His “helper” was faster, brighter, and efficient by far. I felt Rich’s pain having to go through that from 7 am to 6 pm – so tired he could barely stand by the end of the day. We’ve had really good packers and really awful ones, and this guy beat the record of being the absolute worst in our relocation history – simply unbelievable!

I was feeling my own pain stuck in the hotel with the cats. Finally, after the maids had quit for the day with no possibility of them entering the room and letting the cats out, I went out for a walk. Whew! Much better out in the fresh air. I swore I would never let myself be in that position again, not if I could help it. When we buy our next home, we’ll do the packing as we do when it’s a local move. For cross-country moves, the packing must be done a certain way and we pay for the moving company to do it.

The good news is, Rich arrived back at the house bright and early this morning at 7 am to be there before the 8 am arrival of the driver/loaders. The “helpers” followed Rich to the house and organized much of the work by place boxes in the garage. The driver was right behind them, so we’re off to an early start.

The other good news is the driver lives in New Smyrna Beach, not far from our new home. The downside is because we’re moving into an apartment, he may have to shuttle the stuff, which means moving everything to a smaller truck – a longhauler might be too awkward. Just one more time I’m so sorry we have to move into an apartment. It will pay off later down the road once we’re finally in our next new home. I can’t wait for that day.

Rich took a photo for me of the longhauler parked in front of our house – for the last time. Bittersweet but so excited to be moving on!

Rich relaxed in our backyard for the last time while the movers loaded our stuff onto the long hauler. Thankfully, the driver and his crew were awesome and they were finished loading before noon.