More Moving Fun

Yesterday the inspector arrived. He was scheduled to be here for about an hour to an hour and a half. He was finished in 30 minutes. I said, “Wow, that was fast!” And he said, “Doesn’t take long when you take such good care of your house.” Ah, that was nice to hear. We were wondering how it would go, because we’d never sold a house so “old” – 9 years – lol! Our other two houses were sold at a little over 2 years. And we’ve never sold a house during all of the moving prep! It’s good news but there’s a lot going on.

The next two events are the appraiser – oh joy – and the junk people to take away our garage-full of stuff to be tossed or donated. More fun to be had after that and we are already exhausted!

The exciting news is that a longtime blogging friend is also moving to Orlando about a month after we are. He’s been dreaming of this move ever since we met him online when we were in Florida the first time around when blogging was new. Those were the days. With the popularity of social media, blogging took a big dive – people just don’t participate on blogs like they used to, although I’m noticing a resurgence. Yay! It’s a lot more fun then. Maybe people are getting tired of social media – I know I am. What I want to say can’t be said in 140 characters or in a photo.

We’ve archived our old posts and looking forward to writing about new Disney, Orlando, Florida adventures. I think I’ll probably start with a “Summer of 2017 Resort” theme the way I did with “Hotel California” and other summer themes in Las Vegas. I can’t wait to get started!


Pairing Down

Everything is scary in the middle of the night. The apartment is smaller, the furniture looms larger, and I’m furniture shopping online. I see a couple of sofas that look smaller, wondering if we should leave ours behind and buy new on the other side. I read the measurements and climb down the stairs to measure our couch and compare. We would only save one-inch – lol! I don’t think that’s anything to bother with.

I’ve made lists of what can go with, what can stay behind, and the things that can go either way, depending on what space we think we’ll have. The things that will be left behind are things we’ve been meaning to ditch anyway. But we had space to fill, so we kept them longer than we would have otherwise.

We have two big dressers, one for me and one for Rich that also houses the electronics – we’ve both strongly disliked the one for Rich ever since it arrived. It was nothing like we thought it was when we saw it on the internet. We’ll toss that one and share mine. Today I’m going to pair down half of my dresser to make room for Rich. We’ve got our eye on a new dresser in the future, one that will match our somewhat recent new headboard.

The loveseat in my studio will finally go. We bought it when we were living in Orlando the first time around – it now has a rip in the fabric. We had to strong arm the salesman to deliver it when we needed it. That’s how you get things done there. People talk about how Disney applies pressure to the local officials to get what they want/need but I don’t criticize them for that. Otherwise, you’d never get anything done in Orlando.

The downside of all of this remote anticipation is that we’re not experiencing the pluses about being in Florida – just the fears. But once we’re there, I think we’ll be really excited. Just last night, shopping on the Rooms to Go website, I felt the excitement rising, realizing that means we’re going to be living in Florida again. Very excited about the good things.

Once we walk through our “vacation condo,” as I’m thinking of it now, I think our excitement will continue to rise. We imagined that the next new thing for us might be a condo and we pictured a sleek kitchen with stainless steel appliances, granite counter top, island, pendant lighting, under mount sink, wood floors, etc. This brand-new place has all of that.

Once I’m swimming in that pool, enjoying the cabana deck, and embracing writing sessions in the public lounge with coffee bar, I’ll truly be getting into that vacation lifestyle.

Once I’m enjoying our favorite barbecue joint, the writer’s group, choir, and local NSAI chapter, dropping Rich off at work to have a fun day at Disney, sharing all of that on this blog as I craft my video skills, well, life in Las Vegas will be a distant memory.

In the meantime, I’m listening to my Disney CDs, getting very excited for the future!


The Move is On

Heigh Ho, heigh ho – the move is back on. Rich was chatting with a co-worker who had recently relocated to the Orlando office and she and her husband had gone through several fits and starts before they actually pulled the trigger. So we don’t feel quite as nutty now. 🙂

We’ve been through a lot of cross-country moves with and without relocation. What’s different about a move like this is that you’re pretty much on your own and there’s no deadline so it’s easy to get cold feet and take some time to regroup.

After much soul-searching, realizing that Vegas will no longer work no matter what we do to try to fix it, it’s time to get our team together again and get this show on the road!

A Mind-Blowing Move

“Mind-blowing” seems to be my favorite “word” these days, which is ironic because back in the day when everybody was saying it, I wasn’t. I’m either on the cutting edge or the last to adapt – lol!

Everything in our world seems to have changed. Sometimes I wonder who these people walking planet earth are and what happened to the people who used to live here. For example, after so many interstate moves, that process seems to have changed. Just 5 years later. At today’s speed, 5 years is a lifetime. Okay, I worked in Silicon Valley for twenty years – I used to love change at warp speed.

After being homeowners for so long, we’re finding the house renting process to be more… Complex. Corporate. Competitive. I dislike big corporate hoop-de-doos. There are electronic forms to fill out that must be done in a certain way in a certain amount of time or you lose the house.

Moving companies now have a formal process that they don’t tell you about – not when you used to do things verbally, finalized with a simple signature. Now there are automatic electronic forms triggered by surprise… to be filled out.

Everybody acts as if all of this is normal, or the way it’s always been, so why don’t you get it? It starts to feel that if you don’t do it exactly right, you’ll miss out on doing it at all.

We knew this move would be difficult, but we never imagined it would be this difficult. And we’ve only just begun. One minute we’re homeowners knowing exactly where everything is and how it’s done to becoming those strangers now walking planet earth on the other side of the country. Talk about, “Who Moved my Cheese?”

I’ve always been very independent and self-sufficient, feeling quite capable of handling anything… with a little help from my cats. It may be time to adopt some adult children to help guide me through the rest of my life. 🙂

Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off

Along about now, we’re ready to call the whole thing off. We knew it would be tough, but it’s tougher than tough. We’re still waiting for the official okay. We’re house hunting online night and day. Yep, I’m grabbing my iPhone next to my bed and searching during the night. Then I create a list of pros and cons and questions to ask. It’s grueling.

Walking my morning walk in the neighborhood, wearing my Angels t-shirt and baseball cap, I wait at the corner for a red truck to pass before I cross the street. The driver leans over with his window rolled down, smiles this big smile, and waves. It’s like we’re family or old friends. That’s how Angels fans treat each other. At the beach, on the street, or at Disneyland. I’m so going to miss that.

How can this ever happen in Florida? It can’t. But, maybe something special does happen in Windermere. Many who live there either work for Disney or are Disney fans. I remember the friendly “little white doggie ladies” in our town home community, walking their dogs, chatting, looking for men. Ha!

My favorite attraction at Disney Studios is The Great Movie Ride. Thought this song would tie everything together – Disney and how we’re feeling along about now.