We’ve Got Paint! (#LasVegas)

We may or may not be within 30 days of closing and as exciting as that is, it also feels way too far away. We are so anxious to get back into our own home.

After church, we did our weekly stop by the house and noticed we have paint (shutters and trim to come)

We chose the lightest shade of white called “Greek” something or other. The Med cruise we may or may not take (What if we put in a pool instead?) includes the Greek islands so we think it’s rather fitting. Houses next to each other cannot have the same paint color but it looks like our neighbors have the next lightest shade – more of a beige.

You may not be able to tell from this photo, but the neighbor’s house is a different floor plan. Ours is the smallest one, as we are finally downsizing (the New Smyrna Beach house in Florida was supposed to be a downsizing but it ended up being our biggest house ever – lol).

We’ve Got Stucco!

On our last visit to our home site, we saw that we’ve got stucco! The houses just a week ahead of us also have paint, so we’re assuming that’s what we’ll see next weekend when we stop by.

In the meantime, this site (two4disney.com) is going to be offline while we redesign it. But as some (many) archived posts will go back online, you may get notifications for each one. You might want to turn your notifications off if this is annoying (and I think it would be).

Anyway, please come back soon for new content.

Photo of house with stucco in progress (I love the roof line – reminds me of the eves we had on my childhood home. The two windows are the rooms we’ll use for Rich’s office and my studio).

Roof Tiles

Our builder rep, John, explained to us that the roof tiles are left in place before attaching in order to help the house settle first.

Middle house, approaching from the left

Noticing the roof tiles are on the porch roof, too.

As you may recall, here’s the Florida house at about the same time in the build, although we might have been further along in Florida with doors. The workers were there on Sunday, working on our house, so we couldn’t walk inside this time.

Doesn’t it seem as if we were just building the Florida house? It’s mind-boggling!

Roofing: Florida vs. Las Vegas

We were thrilled when we stopped by our property before church on Sunday morning. Not only was the second story in framing, but the roof was on! It’s not exactly a 1:1 on the timeline for roofing on the Florida beach house vs the Vegas house.

In Florida, all of the outside walls were complete and even the windows were installed before the roof was on. In Vegas, the roof is on the second story (duh), so it’s difficult to see exactly how much of the roofing is complete.

Here’s a photo comparison of both, starting with the house in Las Vegas.