Roof Tiles

Our builder rep, John, explained to us that the roof tiles are left in place before attaching in order to help the house settle first.

Middle house, approaching from the left

Noticing the roof tiles are on the porch roof, too.

As you may recall, here’s the Florida house at about the same time in the build, although we might have been further along in Florida with doors. The workers were there on Sunday, working on our house, so we couldn’t walk inside this time.

Doesn’t it seem as if we were just building the Florida house? It’s mind-boggling!

Roofing: Florida vs. Las Vegas

We were thrilled when we stopped by our property before church on Sunday morning. Not only was the second story in framing, but the roof was on! It’s not exactly a 1:1 on the timeline for roofing on the Florida beach house vs the Vegas house.

In Florida, all of the outside walls were complete and even the windows were installed before the roof was on. In Vegas, the roof is on the second story (duh), so it’s difficult to see exactly how much of the roofing is complete.

Here’s a photo comparison of both, starting with the house in Las Vegas.


Las Vegas vs Florida: Building a New House

It’s funny to me to spot a few Florida plates now and then in Las Vegas, and I’m not talking about tourists. One of our new neighbors in our new neighborhood sports a Florida plate on their truck.

Anyway, I thought it might be fun to compare our recent experience building a Florida beach house with building a house in Las Vegas. The lifestyles are so different: Florida is green, wet, and horizontal and Vegas is brown, dry, and vertical.

So having just seen our new foundation in Vegas, I’ll start with the foundations.

Florida Foundation 8.24.17

Las Vegas Foundation 1.12.20