The Walk Through and “When Will Disney Theme Parks Open and When Will We Cruise Again?”

We had our walk through yesterday and it wasn’t the strangest experience doing this for the fifth time but with us all wearing masks. And let me tell you, it was hot and stuffy and sweaty and I thought I would faint wearing a mask for that long (two hours). I thought for sure the home builder rep would think I was sick and had a fever – lol!

While I was originally onboard with the idea of wearing masks at Disney (imagine the cute Disney designs), I’m rethinking my desire to wear one at all for more than a trip to the grocery store (which Rich does anyway, so I’m not even doing that). So the question is, “If/when Disney parks open soon, do you or will you go? The same for cruise ships.

Like us, you’re probably reading all the articles and watching videos on new restrictions as they develop with thoughts of what a Disney theme park may look like and how the cruise world may change forever. How do you feel about that?

I’m not sure how I (we) feel about it. I don’t need parades, fireworks, meet n greets or buffets. But I’m not sure a vacation with too many restrictions will feel like a vacation. Of course, I’m also not sure if we should change things so drastically and so permanently during an temporary crisis. Sure, maybe in the interim to save the parks and cruise lines, but not in the long term.

In the short term, though, if you’re like me and like to travel and cruise and read about travel and cruising, you might want to check out my novels, which are often set on cruise ships or some other fun location (like Las Vegas). I highlighted them in today’s post here: If You Can’t Cruise (or Travel), Do the Next Best Thing.

French Martini & Cocktail Video (Inspired by Disney, Cruising, Las Vegas, California, Florida)

With the release of French Martini on Kindle, I was inspired to create a video looking back at our life through cocktails – lol! This was so much fun to put together (PS – a link to a recipe for a French Martini is in the video description). Enjoy! Also, please subscribe, like, and/or comment on the video. Thank you!

The Ridiculousness of the #Covid-19 Situation (#Rant)

Now I’m not saying we shouldn’t do our #socialdistancing thing and #stayhome as much as possible, we absolutely should, but some of these decisions others are making for us are totally ridiculous. Like:

  • Designating liquor stores as non-essential when, in fact, buying wine, beer, and liquor in a mostly empty liquor store would be less dangerous than in a grocery store where there are more people.
    (Okay so we now order wine online.)
  • Closing parks and beaches when, in many cases, you could quite easily enjoy some fresh air and exercise and still keep your social distance. Otherwise, people crowd the side of the roads to park, being in closer proximity than if they parked in a designated parking lot.
    (We have our spots so it doesn’t really affect us but I hate to see such ridiculousness.)
  • Cox designating new installs as nonessential when, in fact, you contracted to build a new house way before Covid-19 was a thing, your job is essential, but the only way you can work is to work at home and need internet. I don’t often usually this, but WTF??? (“What’s This Foolishness”) – lol!
    (Okay, so we go with Century Link and Cox won’t be part of our lives at all anymore. We already switched to YouTubeTV a couple of months back due to their ridiculousness.

Neither of us suffer fools well, and this whole situation smacks of fools in charge.

I’m definitely in the camp of opening the country gradually and carefully, instituting different ways of doing things. But as it is now, it feels like there’s a power grab and abuse of power, creating situations that will cause critical harm down the road. We must work together to find the balance.

The house is almost finished. The side fence is finished, along with the front and side landscaping, the A/C unit is installed. Waiting for last-minute touches like the trim paint and some touch-ups to the exterior before our first walkthrough. The movers and “junk” haulers are booked and are prepared for social distancing, sanitizers, etc.

So anxious to be home during a time like this.

Power, Walkthroughs, Closing Date, Happy Easter!

First of all, Happy Easter, everybody! As strange as it may be this year, it’s also an awesome reminder of our Lord and how good things can come from bad.

Now that power has been turned on, we have our walkthrough and closing dates. Woo hoo! Now everything is happening at once. Packing, lining up the movers, junk haulers to take away (donate) some of our stuff that won’t be going with us. Unnerving as it may be to have strangers in your house, everybody is taking precautions.

Our first walkthrough will take 2 hours, when we will get a tour of the house, explanation of how everything works, and the blue tape, marking the things that need fixing. Then they have 4 days (usually a week but they have a lot of closings to fit in this month) to fix it all before our second walkthrough, closing and getting the keys before move-in. We can’t wait!

Front Porch Light Reveals Power is On

Minor Details… Waiting on Nevada Energy

We drove over to see the house but first a quick stop at the Krispy Kreme drive thru after watching the Malibu vloggers BLAB (Best Life and Beyond). Thankfully our line was only about 15-20 minutes compared to their hour.

Then on to the house. It’s nice to see the neighborhood starting to look real. The remaining details are pretty minor: trim paint, landscaping, appliances, A/C and the biggest gating factory: Nevada Energy hooking up to power the second half of the community.

After our stop, we headed over to Bootleggers for take out. It feels good to support our local restaurants. We also picked up a bottle of wine since liquor stores are closed (in Vegas? Go figure!)

And then back to our rental where we prepare to begin another week of waiting. For those who think this forced isolation period is tough now, well, basically we’ve been “quarantining” (not leaving Las Vegas) since September after our last trip to SoCal, waiting for this build and returning to our home neighborhood and services such as our regular pet sitter.

We began this journey home 16 months ago and we’re not there yet. Staying at home would be a whole lot easier if we were actually home.