Is Las Vegas Opening?

We’re noticing an increase in traffic day-by-day here in Las Vegas. Carl’s Jr. drive-up window didn’t even wear a mask or gloves the last time we pulled through, although that seems to be a one-off. At Del Taco, cash is not allowed, credit card only and they’re still wearing masks/gloves. Even Carl’s Jr. in Primm still had the mask/gloves, so not sure what the Carl’s near our house is doing.

The movers certainly didn’t provide for any social distancing behaviors, although ADT, CenturyLink, the home builders, and everybody else is still taking precautions. The liquor store opened but for delivery only. It’s hard to say what’s going on here.

There is definitely conversation about Las Vegas opening in small ways by mid-May or Memorial Day weekend, although the governor seems to disagree.

Anyway, I thought I’d put together some video I’d taken of the Las Vegas Strip sometime before Covid-19 and added some Screamie Birds Music to it. Hope you enjoy! If so, please subscribe and give it a like. Thank you!

Covid-19 Wreaking Havoc with New House

This is all becoming beyond ridiculous! I wrote about how Cox wouldn’t install internet because they’d have to come inside the house. So we’re getting internet from CenturyLink because, supposedly they wouldn’t have to be in the house.

As it turns out, the wires inside the panel don’t have fittings and he can’t come inside the house so he’s installing the router temporarily inside the garage. Once we get the fittings and necessary tool, we can move it inside the house. He showed me what to do as we stood six feet apart. Then Rich came home and it was explained to him.

So what’s the difference standing six feet apart in our garage or going up the top of the top of the stairs by himself to install the fittings himself? (I know, rules are rules.)

I am beyond furious over all of this stupidity! I may bury my head in my studio and never come out again!

The good news is traffic is picking up here in Las Vegas. Businesses are opening. Wynn is even talking about opening his casino by Memorial Day weekend – with precautions, of course.

Something good may come of this yet. Who really needs to high/five or fist bump? And I really prefer my own space when I’m dining in public.

And, yes, that is the pan for the washer, which is another adventure in itself.

Fridge Loaner/Moving Day

Still no internet so using data/iPhone to write this post. Suffice it to say I may have to wait for real internet to fill you in on the “social distancing” fail on the mover’s part.

But the loaner fridge did arrive – a far cry from the latest stainless side-by-side we ordered. No light but it holds food. No ice maker but it freezes ice in ice trays.

The irony is it was my frustration with house rentals using apartment-like refrigerators that pushed me to commit to another house in Las Vegas. Still, thankful to be able to stock a few groceries and chill beverages.

No Fridge During #Covid19

We opted not to buy the refrigerator or washer and dryer from the builder and we’re glad we made that choice because a) you save a lot buying them yourself and b) the builders were having difficulty getting those appliances during this crazy time.

But moving into a house without a refrigerator is a bit inconvenient. But fear not. Rich found a great deal from a Home Depot and scheduled delivery for yesterday. They called is the night before and confirmed delivery would be happening between 9:30 am and 1:30 pm.

Great! We got up early, finished packing the car and the cats and drove over to the new house. Around 10 am we got a call from GE saying the delivery would be delayed until May 6th!! We called Home Depot and after waiting for close to an hour finally got through with no real satisfaction about why they’d confirmed delivery the night before or why we hadn’t been given more notice.

The only thing they offered was to delivery a generic floor model until our refrigerator could be delivered. This is supposed to happen sometime before noon today. We will see.

But the crazy part in addition to all of that is that we couldn’t go to Lowe’s or RC Willey because they would only drop off the refrigerator – no installation is provided during this pandemic. Same story as Cox.

More ridiculousness! These are essential services. If we’re supposed to stay home with stocked groceries for 2 weeks at a time, how are we supposed to do that without a refrigerator?

Construction is essential. Handymen are essential. Why aren’t installation services for internet and appliances not essential? Obviously, Home Depot is doing it even if they screwed it up.

This is what I find so infuriating about how this “Bob” situation is being handled. When we went under contact last October, we knew nothing of this oncoming crisis. What’s making to so much worse is a) social media and b) politicians.

It’s much easier to tell people to #stayhome or “shelter in place” (I despise that phrase – it’s so disrespectful). The bigger and better job is to figure out the medical and lifestyle solutions.

We’ve Got Keys

We got the keys to the house late yesterday afternoon so we only unloaded one car load and spent the last night in the rental. We’d hoped to go back with a second load and the cats and to sleep in the new house (on the new air bed we’d used for the Florida beach house), but by that time, we were too tired.

So I write this in the wee hours of the morning, waiting for dawn and a new day.

One thing we noticed when we were in the new/old neighborhood is that our favorite liquor store is open again. I’d been ranting about how stupid it was to close liquor stores. Also, we got an e-mail that our car dealership is open now, too.

It feels good to see these openings. We have to find a way to live with the “Bob” as my writer friend Pat Bertram calls it. We can’t just shut down the whole world.

Today our new refrigerator arrives. I think we bought this house just to have a nice refrigerator again instead of that ugly white apartment-style fridge of this rental. And with a usable pantry, maybe now we can actually stock up on some essentials. It’s been especially challenging dealing with this global situation being caught unawares in this temporary dwelling.

I know people have it worse. Like the Wynns who were racing to get back to their boat in Tonga before flights were cancelled but are now stuck in Fiji until further notice. And one A&R exec is living alone in SoCal cuz his family is stuck in Israel.

You probably know many more, far worse situations. So I am quite thankful that the moving in process has started (movers scheduled for Wednesday). Moving is even trickier during a Pandemic but masks and gloves are being worn, hands and touch points are being cleaned. It’s all stressful anyway and this just adds to the normal stress of moving.

But just as the burros run alongside us in Red Rock Canyon, so God runs alongside us.

The Walk Through and “When Will Disney Theme Parks Open and When Will We Cruise Again?”

We had our walk through yesterday and it wasn’t the strangest experience doing this for the fifth time but with us all wearing masks. And let me tell you, it was hot and stuffy and sweaty and I thought I would faint wearing a mask for that long (two hours). I thought for sure the home builder rep would think I was sick and had a fever – lol!

While I was originally onboard with the idea of wearing masks at Disney (imagine the cute Disney designs), I’m rethinking my desire to wear one at all for more than a trip to the grocery store (which Rich does anyway, so I’m not even doing that). So the question is, “If/when Disney parks open soon, do you or will you go? The same for cruise ships.

Like us, you’re probably reading all the articles and watching videos on new restrictions as they develop with thoughts of what a Disney theme park may look like and how the cruise world may change forever. How do you feel about that?

I’m not sure how I (we) feel about it. I don’t need parades, fireworks, meet n greets or buffets. But I’m not sure a vacation with too many restrictions will feel like a vacation. Of course, I’m also not sure if we should change things so drastically and so permanently during an temporary crisis. Sure, maybe in the interim to save the parks and cruise lines, but not in the long term.

In the short term, though, if you’re like me and like to travel and cruise and read about travel and cruising, you might want to check out my novels, which are often set on cruise ships or some other fun location (like Las Vegas). I highlighted them in today’s post here: If You Can’t Cruise (or Travel), Do the Next Best Thing.