The Brunch Where You Upgrade Your WDW AP and Do the Cinderella Castle Stroll

We were in this “what if we live full-time in an RV” mood again and thought, “Let’s have breakfast at Fort Wilderness and then walk around the campgrounds, checking out all the RVs.” First problem: Trail’s End is closed for refurbishment.

“Okay, so let’s brunch at Whispering Canyon at Wilderness Lodge and then boat over to Fort Wilderness.” Made a 10:20 a.m. ressie, left the house around 8:30 a.m. (app. 90 minute drive), parked the car, and checked in. “Oh, we’re running around 20 minutes late.” Okay, we found a seat in the lobby and waited.

Then Rich said something about upgrading our Florida resident Pixie Dust AP to a newly-released Florida resident Pirate AP so we can get in the parks on the weekend. We’d been debating whether it was worth it or not or if the week days were just fine. Rich has plenty of vacation so it’s not a problem taking off a Friday now and then.

But, frankly, we’re getting tired of checking out tiki bars and beaches on the weekends with the only Disney option being a meal in a resort or Disney Springs. So, yeah, let’s do it, I said. After all, we have to sit here and wait for our brunch. No blaming too many Mimosas or Bloody Marys on that decision – lol!

Done. Upgrade accomplished. Then our table was ready so we headed into brunch. We both had the Western Style Benedict, which Rich loves. This was my first time and it was delicious. We also both had a Bloody Mary.

Then, while waiting for the boat to the MK (we would have to then boat over to Fort Wilderness from there, in other words, double boat), we wondered if we should try to get a Magic Kingdom park reservation. Will it even be possible on such short notice? Somehow that sounded much more exciting than touring the RVs.

Park reservations were available. Done. Then we boated over to Magic Kingdom and we were in! Just like that! You can check out the “Upgrading My #WDW AP Means Cinderella Castle on a Saturday! #Shorts #Clip.

This was just the medicine I needed. Of course, I get homesick for California and all that’s familiar, and this was just the ticket, literally, I needed. Funny thing is, in the past the Magic Kingdom made me miss Disneyland, but this time, it felt like I *was* at Disneyland.

We just soaked up the atmosphere, had an Orange Dole Whip Float and walked around, reminding ourselves where everything was. After our recent visit to Animal Kingdom, which seemed humongous, the MK felt much more doable. We boated back to Wilderness Lodge where we stopped in the gift shop for some of those yummy gluten free cookies (chocolate chip and lemon), some Joffreys coffee, and drove back home.

What a magical day! We were so glad we upgraded when we had the chance. We’ve spent so much of our time over the years in Florida in Orlando and it feels the most like home.