“Lucky’s Last Chance” #Shorts #Clip #YouTube (“Take A Chance On This”)

Okay, so the YouTube clip I mentioned in yesterday’s post climbed to over 1200 views – so cool to share my kitty video and Wolf Kier’s music.

So today I could resist clipping another one of my favorite Wolf Kier songs (“Take A Chance On This”) paired with my novel “Lucky’s Last Chance.” Perfect, right?

Hope you enjoy the clip. And I wouldn’t mind if you checked out my book, too. Btw, this book was originally published as “The Tom Jones Club,” but when I got the rights back, I changed the title to Lucky’s Last Chance.

You can hear the entire song here. Doesn’t that voice inspire a leading man for your next romance novel? I know it does for me. đŸ™‚

One thought on ““Lucky’s Last Chance” #Shorts #Clip #YouTube (“Take A Chance On This”)

  1. Love It
    Great job on the new video clip, and congratulations on the success of your previous one! The pairing of the song and your novel seems perfect. Good luck with promoting Lucky’s Last Chance.
    Frank/Best Website Builders

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