2022 Food and Wine Festival #Epcot

With so much going on with the house, we weren’t sure we’d make it to Epcot’s Food & Wine Festival this year. First, we had to get our Florida driver’s license, which caused some confusion because Florida had changed the process since we last lived here. Anyway, after 3 visits to the DMV, we finally got our driver’s license and car plate. Whew! Don’t want to do that again! Everything is harder and more expensive these days.

Anyway, we finally made it to Epcot. By the time we arrived, the closer parking was full and there still was no tram, which we did not realize. We’re older now and the trams are important! We were exhausted for days after this and a little hesitant to plan any more park days (unless we stay over, which is what Disney would prefer).

We made just one round. We enjoyed the booths but it wasn’t as exciting as in previous years. Or maybe we’ve just been through too much and it was too soon and we were exhausted, dealing with so many house issues, which we are still dealing with. We haven’t really relaxed into the Florida lifestyle yet, which I hope is still coming.

But I do want to say we absolutely love our house. It’s exactly what we needed, especially with Rich working at home full-time. This is the best one yet! And we got pretty settled by Christmas. Woo hoo!