“She’s Not That Good” Goes Cruising

I did it! I finally finished She’s Not That Good, a romantic comedy novella set on – what else – a cruise ship! I posted this on Screamie Birds Studios, but thought I’d post it here, too. Check it out:


Failing to launch an adult career, haunted by thoughts of never being good enough, Brandi Redwine searches for something she is good at. After chasing music and the exboyfriend in Nashville, she returns to San Francisco feeling like a loser.

Her best friend steps in and recommends her for an opportunity to compete for a job onboard a cruise ship. Her high school sweetheart is also on board, and his girlfriend is competing for the same job. Will her entire future rest on a final performance, or will she finally realize she is good enough when she pursues what’s really in her heart?


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