Catching up with Two4Disney is back!

It’s been awhile since we landed in Florida the end of June fully expecting to walk through our completed home. Yep, as has been happening all over Florida, if not the planet, according to some of my contacts in Australia, the world of new home building post Covid theme has been delays, delays, delays. And the builders are so overwhelmed by the demand, communication has gone by the wayside.

We’d booked an Airbnb to land in with our 3 cats so we’d be there for closing on my birthday just a couple weeks away. We were eager to drive by the house as soon as we arrived, just to feel the excitement of our new house. All along our street, I was trying to prepare my mind for the finished look. And when we got there, we saw that nothing had changed since we’d last seen a photo 2 months before. Still, no drywall! I was in total shock!

Nobody had communicated the delay. Even the closing/finance branch of the builder thought we were still on schedule. We kept asking for updated photos but didn’t get anywhere. I was tempted to not leave our driveway in Vegas until we’d seen an updated photo but the real estate agent and closing office were both acting as if it must be on schedule.

So, right away we had to halt the furniture delivery and store our stuff with the moving company in Las Vegas for a bit longer – how long we didn’t know at this point. The construction manager said he’d do his best to get us in by the end of August. We arranged for another Airbnb for the end of August. Nobody told us the date they were going by was the end of September.

By the end of August, they were making noises that it could be mid September so we scheduled another Airbnb for mid September. The problem with each one was by the time we heard we’d need more time, they were booked for that time so we kept having to move our stuff and our cats. And Daisy hated moving – she’d hide in places where we couldn’t find her. At the beach house in Port Canaveral, she’d hidden inside an open space in the wall under the master sink. We had to get an inspector with a laser camera to come out and see where she was.

Anyway, to make a long story short, us, our cats and our furniture made the move into the house mid September, and we’ll update you with some of the fun we’ve had since we arrived June 30.

It’s been super crazy but what life hasn’t been crazy the last couple years. Anyway, we’re back and glad to be back!