Good News, Bad News, and Whatever You Make of It News

The Bad News:

Click on graphic to read the letter from Josh about the Disney layoffs:

The Good News:

Nevada has lifted some of their restrictions, including church gatherings that can now hold (from 50) up to 250 per venue. This also includes live entertainment so that should help some of our neighbors in the entertainment business. You can read the details here.

The Whatever You Make of It News:

The Debate. I didn’t watch last night – too late to get all rile up before bed – lol! Besides, I didn’t need to see the Lunatic President throwing tantrums. But I did peek in this morning. And from the first moment I saw Biden’s smarmy political smile, I knew there was no way I want him for president.

Trump may be a pathological lying Narcissist, but Biden is another kind of dishonest clown. A bit of an ass, really. I would actually give the first round to Trump, which totally surprised me. Trump is totally right about many things, including Obamacare sucking and that the Individual Mandate was its main problem. The problem is, where is its replacement? The thing is, I don’t like Trump’s methods, and I don’t always agree with him, he often blows smoke, but I often do agree with Trump’s policies. There, I said it.

The thing is, if Biden loses, I’d hate to see the riots in the streets. The Democrats didn’t taking losing very well last time. I almost want them to win just to calm them down. Give the children some candy so they’ll stop screaming.

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