Orange County on “watch list” of counties that may go back under lock down greeted me this morning as I read the OC Register. If that happens, Disneyland won’t open, not even Downtown Disney. There go the birthday plans. But if the areas they are worried about are nursing homes, etc., why not just lock down those? Anyway….

Also, in the headlines, the Democrats are demanding a renaming of John Wayne airport.. As an Independent, I protest! I find this renaming of everything, wiping away of statues, reinventing history, etc., to be abominable. More of my childhood wiped out. Not only that, but my dad was a big fan of John Wayne (so unPC now, right? Sheesh!). I guess all of my childhood is now unPC, although we were thought to be heroes back in the day.

My dad was such a fan of John Wayne that he had “Wayne” legally added as his middle name because he wasn’t given a middle name at birth. Just “Johnny” was on his birth certificate. So after the official name change, he was “John Wayne Holmes.” His youngest brother, Steven, also thought of himself as John Wayne. He had this phrase posted on his FB account, “There’s only one John Wayne in this town.”  lol!

I’ve loved that the airport was renamed John Wayne, and I smile whenever I drive by the airport and see the name and the statue. It reminds me of my father, and he feels nearby. But that type of man is not allowed to exist any more. I’m not sure my dad would have worn a mask. Maybe he would have, I really didn’t know him that well to say. But I totally can’t picture my step dad wearing a mask. Nope, I’m sure he would have totally refused – lol!

It’s so easy to misconstrue what John Wayne or anybody in the past actually said or meant or why they said what they said. Life was different back then. That’s why you can’t judge the past by the present. If you haven’t lived it, you don’t understand it. Once you start down that path, there’s no end to what you might want to change or wipe out.

Sometimes I miss these days… my mother and I caught off guard by my grandmother. A peek into the real us.

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