Disneyland Opening Delayed, Destroying the Past, Dumbing Down

Disneyland Opening Delayed

Of course, the news that Disneyland wasn’t granted permission by the state of California to move forward with reopening plans would be on my mind today. But the good news is, Downtown Disney will still open in time for my birthday trip. The parks were never in our plans.

The following is either a rant or me thinking out loud (and, therefore, sometimes contradictory):

Checking out what the vloggers have to say, I’m a bit disturbed by Mr. Cheezypop one again. His first words are, “Good on you California.” Remember, this is a New York transplant living in Los Angeles, not even Anaheim or Orange County. Whether or not, it’s “good on you California,” the question in my mind is how much of a Disney fan can he be if that’s the first thing out of his mouth and not an expression of some sadness or disappointment over the delay? Honestly, I didn’t listen to any more after that.

Even if we’re in the “delay Disneyland” and other theme parks camp, you would probably at least express some regret. Like “BLAB” (Best Life and Beyond”) did in their “What’s Happening Wednesday” live chat last night. I’m looking forward to hearing what David of FreshBaked has to say in his live chat tonight.

At least WDW is opening and it’s fun to peek into that. A WDW friend staying at a DVC Resort this weekend said this, “Disney is requiring guests to wear masks when in public areas in the resorts – for that reason I’ll be limiting my time in the public indoor areas. I’m not planning to wear a mask when out by the pool. I’m happy to stay 6 feet away from other people!” Love her attitude.

Yes, the whole point about reopening was that we still need to take precautions. Each must decide what they’re willing to do, and if they’re not willing, they need to avoid those places if they cannot meet those requirements. Nevada is now requiring masks in public, and so I continue to take that into account when making plans to go out.

Destroying the Past

The other news that annoys me is this insistence to go around and tear down anything from the past that the current political climate disagrees with. As a person at a certain time of my life, I must say I’m starting to feel that by destroying statues and icons, ripping favorite books and movies and historical sites, revamping Disney rides to be more “PC,” they’re destroying ME. By wiping out these things, you’re wiping out the people, too.  History is “our story.”

The wisest thing my mother ever said was, “Don’t judge the past by the present.” If you didn’t live it, you don’t understand it.

Dumbing Down

And that brings us to the last topic: dumbing down. I feel like I’ve had to dumb myself down throughout most of my life. The best part about the 23 years living in the San Francisco Bay Area was living among intelligent people. Their politics? Not so much. But in today’s social media frenzied world, the dumbest people are shouting the loudest, and their stupidity is affecting the rest of us. God Bless them all.

This Lyle Lovett song comes to mind, especially the chorus:

God Will

God does
But I don’t
God will
But I won’t
And that’s the difference
Between God and me

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