All of Life is an Argument: Church, Masks, Disney vs Cruising, etc.

I’m happy to say I finally made it back to church and wore my Angels mask for an hour. I’d tried the neck thingie first, but it felt too claustrophobic with too much material, too tight around my neck, and overall felt more uncomfortable even though it was thinner. I mean, it was 102 yesterday.

But, have you noticed, I mean, how could you not, right? How all of life has become political? Every little thing you say or do is now scrutinized and judged. and argued Whether it’s going to the grocery store, eating in a restaurant, wearing a mask, opening Disney parks or cruise ships, or not, etc., etc.

There is such passion around the tiniest piece of life today and it’s all made political whether you want it to be or mean it to be or not. All of these arguments taking place on social media and behind-the-scenes are now internalized so that should you make what seems to you to be an innocent comment, the person shouts at you as if you’re arguing with him/her because the arguments (s)he’s been involved in are taking place in his/h34 head. The audience he/she) is now speaking to has changed, but his/her way of communicating has not.

For example:

  • I read in the paper about the phases of re/opening and the governor shouts “it’s science!”
    Who said it wasn’t? Not I.
  • The priest at the church says we must all wear masks and he is enforcing it, stating what he told one person who disagreed with him, “use your brain.”
    Okay, I think we all were wearing masks at the time he stated this.
  • I hang out with a cruise channel’s impromptu live chat last night to talk about the latest news that all cruise lines have suspended sailing until fall. We’re talking about “plan B.” I mention my plan B is Disney, but that’s tricky, too, because it’s all a waiting situation in both. She goes on a rampage about how cruise ships are safe and cleaner than any Disney park with rides and kids, and all the ICK that goes with it.
    I wasn’t engaged in a “what’s worse argument.” Besides, who says we’re talking about rides? We do what they do on cruise ships – mostly eat and drink.
  • A vlogger talks about Disneyland opening and his companion insists quite passionately that Disney parks cannot open before professional sports.

It’s all wearing me out.

I read this cool quote from one of the desert fathers (from the Wisdom of the Desert), and I think he may have been onto something (similar to Matthew 10:14):

If anyone speaks to you about any matter, do not argue with him. But if he speaks rightly, say, “Yes.” If he speaks wrongly, say to him, “You know what you are saying.” But do not argue with him about the things he has said. Thus, your mind will be at peace.


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