Mandalorian, Star Wars, California Face Masks, Cruise Cancellations, Disneyland Petition

(Warning: the following is a rambling of facts and opinions in a stream of consciousness.)

We’ve been watching the “behind the scenes” story of the Mandalorian, which, for the most part, has been interesting. My main issue with it is when people who have not lived through something make assumptions and statements that just aren’t true. Like they were surprised when George Lucas made a prequel to Star Wars, asking whether he’d even thought about it early on. Well, having been there, I remember that was rumored early on. That’s one of the things that made it all so intriguing.

The other statement the directors made, most, of who were just teens or kids when Star Wars came out, was that the theme is “family.” It’s not about family. That’s the concept everybody loves to use today. Family is money in today’s climate – family is the new religion. No, Star Wars was originally about a boy searching for his father and, therefore, his own identity. That’s the part that grabbed my attention. No doubt because I, also, was searching for my father, even though I called some other man “dad.” And any search for identity also has a spiritual aspect to it.

Other than the search for his father in Star Wars, I much prefer the Mandalorian and would love to see its presence in Galaxy’s Edge. I mean, Baby Yoda is just too cute!

Baby Yoda Balloon at Disney Springs

And now on the face mask issue in California. You may have read that the California Governor has deemed them required, overriding counties. I hate this time we’re living in. When Governors deem it necessary to overstep their bounds. And perhaps it is necessary sometimes – some people just can’t be trusted. But it reminds me of life in the Jamestown show (from the Downton Abbey people) we’re binge-watching.

I read that several restaurants in Orange County seem to have no health & safety strategy in place and thoughtless people stand just as close to you as ever, wearing no masks. I’ve never enjoyed people pressing in on me. I need my space, and, as it turns out, it’s a good health practice. With my birthday trip coming up, we’re trying to plan carefully where we can celebrate.

I’ve also read that now the petition to not open Disneyland has 35,000 signatures. If people don’t feel safe, they can stay home. We each have that decision to make. Because the world needs to be open. We can’t just hide under our beds, although, it’s tempting to say, “please wake me when it’s over.”

We cancelled all three cruises we’d booked. Princess refunded our deposits in a couple of weeks, so that was pretty fast with all the delays we’d heard about. We just can’t imagine enjoying cruising once they do sail again. At least, not yet.

As for Disneyland, I’m looking forward, I think, to seeing people in the parks again, although it breaks my heart to see humans wearing masks and keeping necessary distances. It’s not natural. It’s not what Disneyland is about. What a sad world we live in.

I suppose the biggest tragedy for me during all of this is that my illusions about the world have been shattered. But maybe that’s a good thing. There’s only one way to “be at peace in the storm.”

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