Covid-19 Wreaking Havoc with New House

This is all becoming beyond ridiculous! I wrote about how Cox wouldn’t install internet because they’d have to come inside the house. So we’re getting internet from CenturyLink because, supposedly they wouldn’t have to be in the house.

As it turns out, the wires inside the panel don’t have fittings and he can’t come inside the house so he’s installing the router temporarily inside the garage. Once we get the fittings and necessary tool, we can move it inside the house. He showed me what to do as we stood six feet apart. Then Rich came home and it was explained to him.

So what’s the difference standing six feet apart in our garage or going up the top of the top of the stairs by himself to install the fittings himself? (I know, rules are rules.)

I am beyond furious over all of this stupidity! I may bury my head in my studio and never come out again!

The good news is traffic is picking up here in Las Vegas. Businesses are opening. Wynn is even talking about opening his casino by Memorial Day weekend – with precautions, of course.

Something good may come of this yet. Who really needs to high/five or fist bump? And I really prefer my own space when I’m dining in public.

And, yes, that is the pan for the washer, which is another adventure in itself.

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