We’ve Got Keys

We got the keys to the house late yesterday afternoon so we only unloaded one car load and spent the last night in the rental. We’d hoped to go back with a second load and the cats and to sleep in the new house (on the new air bed we’d used for the Florida beach house), but by that time, we were too tired.

So I write this in the wee hours of the morning, waiting for dawn and a new day.

One thing we noticed when we were in the new/old neighborhood is that our favorite liquor store is open again. I’d been ranting about how stupid it was to close liquor stores. Also, we got an e-mail that our car dealership is open now, too.

It feels good to see these openings. We have to find a way to live with the “Bob” as my writer friend Pat Bertram calls it. We can’t just shut down the whole world.

Today our new refrigerator arrives. I think we bought this house just to have a nice refrigerator again instead of that ugly white apartment-style fridge of this rental. And with a usable pantry, maybe now we can actually stock up on some essentials. It’s been especially challenging dealing with this global situation being caught unawares in this temporary dwelling.

I know people have it worse. Like the Wynns who were racing to get back to their boat in Tonga before flights were cancelled but are now stuck in Fiji until further notice. And one A&R exec is living alone in SoCal cuz his family is stuck in Israel.

You probably know many more, far worse situations. So I am quite thankful that the moving in process has started (movers scheduled for Wednesday). Moving is even trickier during a Pandemic but masks and gloves are being worn, hands and touch points are being cleaned. It’s all stressful anyway and this just adds to the normal stress of moving.

But just as the burros run alongside us in Red Rock Canyon, so God runs alongside us.

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