Minor Details… Waiting on Nevada Energy

We drove over to see the house but first a quick stop at the Krispy Kreme drive thru after watching the Malibu vloggers BLAB (Best Life and Beyond). Thankfully our line was only about 15-20 minutes compared to their hour.

Then on to the house. It’s nice to see the neighborhood starting to look real. The remaining details are pretty minor: trim paint, landscaping, appliances, A/C and the biggest gating factory: Nevada Energy hooking up to power the second half of the community.

After our stop, we headed over to Bootleggers for take out. It feels good to support our local restaurants. We also picked up a bottle of wine since liquor stores are closed (in Vegas? Go figure!)

And then back to our rental where we prepare to begin another week of waiting. For those who think this forced isolation period is tough now, well, basically we’ve been “quarantining” (not leaving Las Vegas) since September after our last trip to SoCal, waiting for this build and returning to our home neighborhood and services such as our regular pet sitter.

We began this journey home 16 months ago and we’re not there yet. Staying at home would be a whole lot easier if we were actually home.

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