Good News, Bad News

First, the good news:

Progress on the house is going “full speed ahead” as our home builder rep told us when he sent this pic of the neighborhood in progress.

And the bad news (relatively speaking):

Now that grocery delivery is a thing, we can’t get same-day delivery like we did last week. In fact, today’s order won’t be delivered until Monday night. And you can’t always get your first choice items or certain items at all.

On the bright side:

Stores that deliver are hiring like crazy (including Amazon) to pick up the slack in service. This should help some who are out of work because of this current situation.

On the brighter side:

While we wait for available grocery delivery times, we might just have to order delivery from restaurants or do pick-up. It’s definitely a time of adjusting our expectations, especially when some of us (if not most or all), are still in shock and can’t believe what’s happening.


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