So we headed out to our house via the desert back roads after work yesterday. We noticed the signs that Red Rock Canyon was closed. But people were parked on the side of the roads and in various parking areas to get out and stretch their legs for a walk in the desert.

When we arrived at the house, we were quite pleased to see more progress. The highlight was seeing the blinds installed – didn’t really expect them until the last minute. Also, they’re working on our side fence. Other little details like the peep hole, the door bell, the utility lock, the pest control stuff were also installed.

Afterwards, we drove over to one of our favorite parks and sat in the car and people-watched as dog walkers and young people were not exactly keeping their social distance. People will be people and the longer this goes on, the more people will break out of their prisons. You can change how things are done, but you can’t really change people. We’ll need to figure out, going forward, what we can change and what we can’t.