Kitchen Cabinets and an Introvert’s Dream

More and more I’m discovering how much I love getting up early. All is quiet. I sip my coffee, write in my journal, say the Hours, read a little.

My life hasn’t changed much during this time of self-isolation other than Rich working at home, having groceries delivered (which we will continue doing afterward), an occasional Panda Express delivery, and doling out the toilet paper until our order arrives in April. But our biggest concern is, will the house be finished and will we get to move in?

In Nevada, housing and its related parts such as maintenance men and moving, are considered essential. So construction is continuing on our new home. Thankfully, the cabinets had already arrived from California before California’s lockdown or we wouldn’t have any of those. And, thankfully, the remaining materials are sourced locally. But until we actually move in, I’m holding my breath. I could weather this whole crisis a bit better in my own home.

This had been my prayer during this whole transitional time between leaving our house in Florida, the stressful seven months waiting for it to sell, and now, going under contract for a new home and the six-month build time wait, “Please let us live in our own home before a crisis of any kind strikes.”

Kitchen cabinets, tile flooring, granite countertops, and stainless sink all installed.

It’s easy to forget the joys of the adventure when you’re transitioning to what’s next. It always take longer than you’d like. But we’re so close. We’re almost there. But in a world where everything seems to change every minute, it’s hard to rest assured that we’ll make it. “Keep the Faith,” I remind myself daily, because even if things don’t go according to my timetable, it’ll all come together eventually. Praying for sooner rather than later. For all of it and all of us.

The other thing I’m thankful for is the desert – the wide open spaces. It’s an introvert’s dream, especially during this time of “social-distancing.” Btw, I really dislike the word “social.” Social media. Social distancing. Social hour (what happened to “Happy Hour?”). Social, social, social. When I was in junior high and high school a “soch” (not sure how to spell it – it was something that was said, not written), was a derogatory term. “Oh, she’s such a soch!”

The wide open spaces of the desert allow us to drive the scenic backroads to visit our house a couple of times a week It’s a much-needed outing to keep from feeling too cooped-up. But this isn’t anything new. Working at home alternating with necessary escapes is my normal life.

As I watch videos from Disney vloggers who are struggling now that Disney is closed, they come up with topics like “The 20 things we plan to do when this is over” or “My first trip back to Disneyland.” Watching the crowds in these old videos they’re uploading, I’m aghast! I don’t really like crowds. Especially after this. I’m not sure I’ll go back to Disneyland. Or will I? Because, honestly, watching a video of Disneyland and experiencing Disneyland are two different things.

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