Happy Mother’s Day and A Year of Firsts…

This seems to be a year of firsts… the first trip back to Disneyland… the first Mother’s Day since… Speaking of the first Mother’s Day since… it’s not only the first Mother’s Day since we lost Skipper, but it’s the first Mother’s Day since my father died. And it’s the first Mother’s Day since Rich’s dad died.

So what do our fathers have to do with Mother’s Day? Well, it was the first Mother’s Day after my father’s mother died that prompted him to respond to my letter to him. And Rich’s dad played a part in this.

There we were on the last day of our Alaska cruise waiting to disembark, on Mother’s Day, and the four of us sitting in our cabin (Rich’s parents, Rich, and me) and Rich’s dad was talking about something providential. Something about what he said stuck in my mind, and I held onto that hope.

And when we returned home and turned on the computer, I saw my father’s email called “Knowledge.” I’d been waiting for two months to hear from him, wondering if I would or not. I’d found my dad’s brother and had written to him and he forwarded my contact information to my father. And I waited and waited and waited. Finally, on Mother’s Day my father felt prompted to reach out to me because it was his first Mother’s Day since his mother had passed. From what I’ve heard, she was pretty special.

Yes, this is a tough year for us. But once we get past the first… since the last… it should get easier.

Happy Mother’s Day! Never underestimate the power of a loving mother.

My Paternal Grandmother and 5 Sons (my dad is the oldest)

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