First Trip Back, First Mother’s Day…

We made our first trip back to the Disneyland Resort and the beach after returning to Las Vegas and it was tough not leaving from our former home where Skipper and Buddy and Lovey lived. And then not returning to that house.

Sometimes we drive over there or do something in that area and it feels like Skipper should be in that house waiting for us.

Realizing this will be the first Mother’s Day after Skipper’s death brought back a surge of grief. So I’ve been remembering him though photos. Pet lovers understand. For one thing, he was my constant companion for 18 years. It was hard losing any of our cats but Skipper was special. But like they say, “Don’t be sad it’s over, be happy that it happened” or something like that.

I think Shadow senses my mood because he’s howling the way he did for three weeks, 24/7, after Skipper died in Florida. We have mixed feelings about that Florida house, Skipper loved it but once he was gone, we were done.

We’ll be posting a trip report soon but first some favorite photos of Skipper, first two taken in 2010 when he was 10, followed by photos taken on his 18th birthday last year.

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