Happy New Year from Las Vegas

Happy 2019! Yes, we made it back to Las Vegas, although it was a bit of a hard landing as it always is coming back from Florida. But we made it and we’re all okay. There were some bumps along the way, and I’ll post our December journey soon. But it felt soooo good to watch the Rose Parade this morning back home in the West.

We had a blast in what we’re calling our latest Florida “work vacation” – at least the vacation part. But the second half of 2018 was a difficult one. We lost Skipper and my dad in July and now, most recently, Rich’s dad. He was almost 96 and a very special man.

We never really know what one leg of a journey is really about until we look back on it. Some people seem to think if we move around a lot, that we’re “unhappy,” which is so odd to us. Life is full of ups and downs and changes and what is right for a certain time is no longer right for another. It has nothing to do with being happy or unhappy. I would probably be unhappy if I stayed in one place and never tried new places. But whatever we’re doing, we’re totally happy to be doing it with each other. That makes us happy through the fun and tough times.

I mentioned how we’d been watching RV Adventures on youtube, The Motorhome Experiment, in particular, about a couple from Las Vegas who started living full-time in their RV. There are many on youtube but they’re our favorite. And they turned us onto Gone With the Wynns, a couple who lived in an RV full-time for six years and now are living on a boat. We’ve been binge-watching them over the holidays. Now living on a boat is something we toyed with before we started this whole journey, although we would probably never really do that. But it does inspire us to look at life the same way, that each leg of our journey is a mobile, nontraditional adventure.

What’s next for us in 2019? We have no idea. Will we stay in Las Vegas in the long-term? Or stay mobile, ready to move on to that next adventure? I suspect the latter.

I’m looking forward to seeing what adventures 2019 brings.

Happy New Year to you all!


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