Pool Day in Las Vegas

Like so many mornings before here in the desert, the sun awakens me with a morning kiss. Rich brings back coffee and pastries from Starbucks before heading off to work.

Last night we had dinner at the Noodle Bar – amazing San Francisco/Hong Kong-style food – and a drink in our favorite red chairs back at the Lucky Bar. This time I avoided martinis, although Rich’s Dirty Ketel One Martini was pretty tasty. Rich had Pho and I had Wor Wonton Soup with a glass of Kendall Jackson Chardonnay in the Lucky Bar after. Tonight we’ll have an early night for the early morning flight.

After Rich left for work, I think of things to do to kill time until the pool opens at 9. I log into a Logic Pro X lesson and then take a break, not awake enough to think too much.

I think of the fun I had yesterday taking photos of our neighborhood park in Southern Highlands. And that reminds me of my father and his love of photography and the photos he took of the giant Sequoia trees when we visited him when he was living just outside the National Park.

It’s hard to believe he’s gone. It’s been 4 weeks now, but being here in Las Vegas, I can imagine he’s still in his home in Fresno, just like I can imagine Skipper, now gone for 6 weeks, and Lovey, gone for a year and a half, in our house waiting for us to come just as they always did.

I remember how my father enjoyed Bellagio – he wanted to live there. Like father, like daughter. Yes, Las Vegas tugs on my heartstrings and it will be difficult to fly back to Florida. It’s all a bit surreal and hard to believe we live there and not here.

I suppose there’s a bigger purpose to this trip. Perhaps it’s a step forward in the healing process, to experience the emotions, somehow getting closure.







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