First step off the plane and I remember why we left Las Vegas. At 8 pm it was still close to the high temp of 108-110 degrees. It was like walking into an oven. Florida humidity is nothing like that.

Today was mani/pedi day at the Spa with a peek at the pool for tomorrow’s cooler temps.

I walked the casino scouting dinner locations for Rich and me and maybe even lunch with my former co-worker and Rich’s report.

One word sums it up – “Home.” Here I know who I am and I feel totally me – something Florida can never give me.

I’ve been going to Las Vegas with friends and family since I was 7 years old living in Southern California.

When I told a friend we were coming here, she said, “It’s hard to find a home and it’s always changing.” It’s not hard to find my home – I know exactly where it is. But circumstances do change directing our course throughout our life’s journey. But it’s not over yet. I may finally make my way home.

The song I heard last night when we landed at the airport was Elvis’ “If I Can Dream.” And so I will continue to dream of returning home.

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