Not Quite an Easter Celebration

All throughout this journey, I had a feeling we wouldn’t really move forward until after Easter. I kept hoping we’d have an early reprieve, but it didn’t come. The worse part has been the waiting – especially over long, hellacious weekends.

When we got word of the greenlight on Good Friday, I’d hoped we could start moving, but how much can you really get done on Easter weekend?

At first, we’d found this amazing new home but discovered somebody else snuck in line ahead of us while we were waiting to get the word. There was a small chance we could move into first place if their application fell through. Now what were the chances of that happening? So we turned our attention elsewhere.

We should have waited, because on Saturday we heard their application did fall through and we were in first place. By then we’d already put in an application on the other house. So now we’ve got two applications in. Which, of course, costs money and a bit of confusion right now.

We’ve been through a lot of moving journeys, but this has been the craziest journey of all. And now we wait until the first Monday after Easter to see where we might really live.

In the meantime, we’re cleaning out drawers and closets. It’s hit me that we’re going to leave Lovey’s house behind, and that is a bit sad.

We also ran across our “Experto Taquilero” certificates we were given after the “Viva Tequila” tequila tasting and Folklorico show in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico this time last year on Crown Princess. We had such a blast, but now we’re looking forward to the new Tequila bar in Mexico at EPCOT. Ole!

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