Living the Luxury Resort Lifestyle in Las Vegas

The latest decision we had to make was, “Should we go ahead and sell the house and move into a luxury resort condo rental if the plan to leave Las Vegas falls through or should we take the house off the market until there is a real getaway plan in place?”

Entertaining the possibility of selling and staying until we can make our getaway at a future date, I searched online and found a few fabulous rental condos with views of the Las Vegas Strip.

Turnberry Towers is within walking distance of what was once the International where Elvis used to perform, and my friend invited me to stay with her and her parents during that first summer Elvis appeared. I used to stay there several times a year on business trips to Vegas from San Francisco back in the 1980s (and watched them film Elvis and Me from my room overlooking the pool).

My novel, The Tom Jones Club, came from so many of my Vegas experiences.

I interviewed for a tech writing project in Turnberry Towers when they were building Fontainebleau on the Strip (the project folded before the building was finished). But when I realized it wasn’t for me, I stood up, told them so, and left. They were so flummoxed that somebody would actually do that – lol!)

This one actually faces the Hilton (what it will always be to me), and not the Strip, which, for me, is best because I prefer the morning sun over the late afternoon west-facing view during the summer months. Once the sun sets, the view of the Strip is amazing, but until then… brutal!

Two or three years back, Rich and I attended the last Elvis Festival there and we got a private tour of the famous Elvis Suite and the famous story of the dressing room where Elvis and Barbra Streisand sat on the floor and discussed the possibility of Elvis starring in A Star is Born (the Colonel blew that opportunity).

The pool inside the Elvis Suite at the International aka Las Vegas Hilton aka the Westgate

So, yeah, wow! How cool is this? Well, after thinking about it, I decided it would be cool for about a week or two at most. I mean, how many days/nights can you spend in a casino? About 3 days/nights we learned from our San Francisco to Las Vegas weekend getaway days.

Now for a little blast to the past…

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