An Offer

Our agent called to say we had an offer on the house. Low-ball, sight unseen, obviously an investor. He also advised us to not consider it. We said, “What the…” because we didn’t realize we’d put our house on the market – lol!

When we met with our real estate agent, we were 95% sure this thing was going to happen. We thought it would be all official on Monday. So last weekend, we signed the papers with a caveat that the house wouldn’t be available for showing until we vacated. What we didn’t realize is that our house was now on the market. And if we were given a full asking price offer, we’d have to sell. Not ready for that, our agent put it on hold until we’re 100% sure this thing is going to go through.

The good news is, the house probably will sell quickly when the time is right. The other good news is, we found a rental house we wanted to make a move on. No other applications were on it, and we wanted to make it ours. But until we know for sure that this thing is going to happen, we can’t make a move on it.

Everything was moving forward until it wasn’t. The green light we’d been waiting for seems to have turned yellow. We don’t know why there seems to be this delay. If we were facing a red light, why couldn’t it happen right away before we became so invested and took steps “just in case” because when the light is green, you’ve got to step on it.

We’ve been through this a few times, and I always dislike this part of the process. But in Vegas, it’s a brand new game. Just let me out, damnit – lol!

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