Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off

Along about now, we’re ready to call the whole thing off. We knew it would be tough, but it’s tougher than tough. We’re still waiting for the official okay. We’re house hunting online night and day. Yep, I’m grabbing my iPhone next to my bed and searching during the night. Then I create a list of pros and cons and questions to ask. It’s grueling.

Walking my morning walk in the neighborhood, wearing my Angels t-shirt and baseball cap, I wait at the corner for a red truck to pass before I cross the street. The driver leans over with his window rolled down, smiles this big smile, and waves. It’s like we’re family or old friends. That’s how Angels fans treat each other. At the beach, on the street, or at Disneyland. I’m so going to miss that.

How can this ever happen in Florida? It can’t. But, maybe something special does happen in Windermere. Many who live there either work for Disney or are Disney fans. I remember the friendly “little white doggie ladies” in our town home community, walking their dogs, chatting, looking for men. Ha!

My favorite attraction at Disney Studios is The Great Movie Ride. Thought this song would tie everything together – Disney and how we’re feeling along about now.

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