Spring Break Surprise Weekend Retreat Trip Report, Day 2, Part 1

We took our time getting up, and then Rich made us coffee, and we each ate a protein bar I’d brought with us for breakfast. We were saving our calories for lunch at SOL Cocina in Newport Beach. We’d been craving those tacos and Pineapple Serrano Margaritas since the last time we were there last October.

We also had a few addresses of rental townhomes we thought we’d check out. But first the beach. We took a few photos of the hotel grounds, retrieved our car from valet, and drove toward Balboa Island.

Rich suggested we take the Ferry over – we hadn’t done this in years. This is one of my favorite childhood experiences. It was a blast, and I took some video (see “Spring Break Surprise” video). Some of you may recall my novel, Letters on Balboa Island, which used to be on display in Martha’s Book Store when it was first released, but is now a store specializing in children’s books.

We drove around and parked near the Balboa Island pier. The sand was quite high, maybe because of the winter storms? So we walked the pier, and then through some of the streets past restaurants, bars, and shops.

On the way back to the car, we were walking on the sidewalk and some woman zooming fast on her bicycle yelled, “Watch out! Watch out!” instead of slowing down or stopping or dodging us. Yep! That’s the sense of entitlement some of my fellow Californians have – like the woman on the plane to Seattle who insisted the man seated next to her be moved (because he was a Trump supporter) instead of asking to be moved.

We got in our car, and decided to take the ferry back but noticed the fog was starting to come in already. SOL wasn’t open for lunch yet (brunch only at this point), so we drove past one of the townhomes, but it was like an apartment community and there’s no way I want to live in one of those again. Then it was lunch time. By the time we arrived and left the car with the complimentary valet (If it’s Newport Beach, you must valet your car), it was noon and unless you had reservations, you had to sit in the bar at a high top. At least, we found one with nice upholstered bench seating with a back on it. It was quite comfortable.

We ordered our usual Garlic Ribeye Taco with Pineapple Serrano Margarita, and dig in. Delish!!! The place was soon full – so packed on a Saturday and typical of SoCal, although the last two times we’d been lucky and were seated by the window with a waterview.

After our wonderful lunch, although not quite as yummy as we’d remembered from our October trip (read report here), which is often what happens the second time around, we headed back to the hotel. We left our car with valet, Rich found the gift shop and got us some bottled water, sodas, and a Hershey bar for our “wake-up snack.”


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