Leaving Las Vegas – Did We Miss Our Opportunity?

Now that I’m going crazy because we’re still in Las Vegas, I’m second-guessing our decision to turn down the Tampa job. It just wasn’t what we were looking for – but it was an opportunity.

We’re kicking around Plan B and I was excited about it last night before going to bed. We even splurged on a shared slice of cake and a glass of champagne. But when Skipper woke me up yelling about something, I started to play all kinds of scary thoughts in my head.

So I searched online for “I can’t stand living in the desert” and found a site called No Arizona! created by a guy who couldn’t stand living in the Arizona desert.

The purpose of this website is to serve as a place for me to vent my dissatisfaction with living in AZ and my quest to move from this place. The reasons I don’t care to live in Arizona is detailed in the categories above.

I am not trying to change your mind about moving to Arizona, but I will tell you why I don’t want to live here.

If you live in Arizona and love it, good for you! You have found something in the desert positive which I cannot!

He stopped posting some time ago when he actually left Arizona – you can read the entirety here. But I must post the 5 main points here to remind us of what we need to do. Point #1, that writing about his desire to leave was the catalyst for actually leaving, is why I continue to bare my soul here.

Point #3 is a good one, too, but how long do you wait for the right opportunity? The Tampa job just didn’t seem right and Plan B has its limitations, too. So we’re still trying to make a decision about kicking Plan B into gear.  We’ve moved quite a bit and under several different circumstances. We’re just trying to figure out what circumstances are right this time around.

I’m less likely to take risks at this age, so I need a bit of a push (besides going crazy). We also don’t want to stay too long waiting for the perfect circumstances and finding ourselves stuck here for good. I’m feeling a sense of urgency, as if we must get out now.

Here are the 5 points to leaving:

1. Make a Conscious Decision About Leaving Arizona!

When I created NoArizona three years ago, I began documenting what I didn’t like about Arizona. I knew I didn’t like living in the Phoenix area, but I wanted to dig deeper into it. I researched statistics, news stories, poetry and shared them with you along with my personal thoughts.

The work put into NoArizona served as a catalyst for my final decision that I needed to do whatever it took to escape Arizona forever. Hearing back from readers like you also helped me realize I was not alone! I hope NoArizona has done the same for you, because you truly are not alone in your feelings of disdain for Arizona.

2. Stay Positive, and Be Grateful and Ask!

When I made the decision to find a way out of Arizona, I learned sitting around and being angry about it wasn’t getting me anywhere. Anger is simply poison for the soul and completely unproductive. Besides, we already lived in an unhappy, angry and rude population.

Now that you’ve made the decision to leave Arizona, it is now the primary goal in your life. Visualize your goal and always concentrate on the achievement of that goal. Keep out all negative thoughts about your situation because they contradict the achievement of the goal. Focusing on the problem reinforces the existing situation and leaves you spinning your wheels.

Instead, focus on the positive aspects of your life. There has to be at least ONE good thing going on in your life! If it helps, write out what you are grateful for.

You’re probably wondering what I mean by “ask.” For me, it was prayer. I prayed for guidance and calm in my life. I personally believe in the power of prayer. If you’re not spiritual, go out on a starry night and ask the stars or rub an oil lamp! The point is to put your wishes out there. You just might be heard.

3. Be Aware of Arising Circumstances that Support Your Goal

Is there a job opportunity in another state? Did your home increase in value, allowing you to sell? Do your parents want you to move near them?

Depending on the goal you’ve set for yourself, you will notice little hints of opportunity that your life is giving you. Pay attention to these circumstances, especially if they support your end goal of moving out of Arizona.

The circumstances that came into my life was that I was able to sell my home without suffering a huge financial loss, and there was a great job offer back east. I quickly recognized these circumstances as being supportive of my goal to leave Arizona.

4. Act On Opportunities

If circumstances arise as mention in #3, act on those opportunities! When the door opens for you, walk through it. Otherwise, you will be stuck and miserable. This is not only for moving out of Arizona, but life in general!

If you don’t act on opportunities presented to you that support your end goal, then the goal you set is not what you really want. When you set your goals, you must do anything and everything possible to meet that goal and keep a good conscience.

As for me, I acted on the opportunities presented to me. I sold the house and took the job. If I had not taken those opportunities, I would still be in Arizona and very unhappy about it. Instead, I’m sitting here enjoying four seasons and living under foliage (another word for trees). I am immensely happy where I live now.

5. Don’t Look Back

When you make it to #5, pat yourself on the back! You did it! You’ve reached your goal and you are enjoying life in __________________!

When I say “don’t look back,” I’m not talking about burning bridges. What I mean is that you’ve decided what you need to do, paid attention to the circumstances and opportunities before you and made the decision to leave Arizona long ago! Don’t look back, do not have any regrets!

As for me, I’m still friends with people in Arizona and I keep in touch with them. I never second guess myself and my decision to leave Arizona because I know it was the best thing for me and my family.

After leaving Arizona, I had to go back for a wedding a few months later. I confirmed my decision to move out of the desert was the right choice when I returned. People were rude, the sun was incredibly bright, the landscape was bland and I felt those old negative feelings creeping back in. You probably know those feelings and thoughts I’m talking about, especially if you read this blog. I couldn’t believe I lived there for as long as I did! I had to remind myself that I did not live there anymore and would be returning to the tree-laden land in a matter of days!

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  1. Starr says:

    Ugh, that would be frustrating to miss an opportunity to leave Las Vegas. The good news is there will be more opportunities to leave. 🙂

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  2. Kathy says:

    The good news is, we found another way out! Just 2 weeks to go!


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