Is a Premier in Our Future?

We don’t check our snail mail all that often – usually, there’s not much of interest – so Rich checked it after work last night and found a sympathy card about Lovey from the vets and staff at our local Animal Clinic sent about a week ago. These people are so awesome, truly the best vet we’ve ever had.

It brought back some sadness, and we had a hard time last night. Skipper and Shadow seemed to sense that, too, so they were a bit down. The other night Skipper seemed to be up a bit during the night going from room to room looking for her. It’s so hard to see them miss her.

One exciting thing about staying here in our home is that we could get another kitty, although we keep saying we really shouldn’t – that two is enough, although we’ve pretty much been a 3-kitty family.

We discovered that Lovey, being a cream Burmese, is pretty rare in the US – most are in the UK or Australia (our breeder isn’t breeding Burmese – only Burmillas like Skipper and Shadow). It might be quite difficult to find another Cream Burmese.

Another choice is getting an Abby, which is what Buddy was. They choose one person and totally devote themselves to that person. I was that person for Buddy, and I so miss him still.


But if we think we might leave here anytime while Skipper is still here, we shouldn’t get a third kitty. It’s too hard to move and rent with three cats.

Last time we moved to Orlando, the property manager of the rental house asked if we had any pets, and when we said, “Three cats,” he said, “Okay, two cats” as he entered the information.

At first we thought he hadn’t heard right but when we tried to correct him, it was obvious that only two would be allowed and the official story would be that we had two cats. We lost Buddy soon after we moved in so it turned out we did only have two cats. Still, I don’t want to have to face trying to rent with three cats.

So, no new kitty if we think we might move within the next year. What about the Disneyland AP? We need to decide within the next couple of weeks.

Buying a day pass or even a multi-day pass is so expensive, it’s better to buy an AP if you plan on two or three future trips. And it suits the way we like to do Disneyland – drive in Friday morning and go to the parks Friday night. We love doing that. So we pretty much waste a whole day if we have to do a day pass and wait til the next morning instead of sneaking in the day we arrive.

What we’re thinking is that we’ll go ahead and get the Disneyland AP and should we move to Orlando within the year, we’ll upgrade to a Premier Pass and, hopefully, get back to Disneyland before the pass expires. Or maybe we’ll travel to WDW for the Food & Wine Festival this fall and the Premier Pass could work for that, too.

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