Saying Good-bye

I look around this house, remembering our Lovey jumping to the high window, making an emergency landing, saving herself on the coat closet. I see her running out to the front porch – the only time she ran outside – when we first moved here. Perhaps she thought it was just another part of the house, especially when she saw me out there.

I see the movers on our first move-in. I see the landscapers out back, the patio where we sat and listened to Willie Nelson after buying that CD in that store at Downtown Disney that’s no longer there. I see Lovey sticking her head in the fridge, jumping up on the cabinets, eating on the cart from her special food dish, relaxing in her tree by the back window.

Skipper in the Johnson position, which inspired the children’s picture book, Scooter’s Big Adventure. Buddy singing in the garage entry with its great acoustics. Lovey yelling at the garage looking for Rich, as if he spent the day in there instead of driving off to work.

My heart is heavy missing Lovey in her house. Will we stay and try to replace her with another kitty? Or will we move on? Either way, we must take the time to remember her in this house before we say good-bye and move on with our life.

Writing yesterday’s blog post reminded me of how important writing is to me. I’ve been so focused on songwriting that I’ve neglected my other writing. Perhaps I’ll put all of those emotions in a book during Lent. Maybe this is what Lent is for.


Posted on our breeder’s web site after Shadow flew to Las Vegas to join our family in February 2014.

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