In Case I Didn’t Get Enough Beef…

Our weekend turned out to be a bit of a mini-vacay or maybe it was our version of Mardi Gras before Lent begins today (Monday for the Eastern Church and Wednesday for the Western Church). We declared Sunday a holiday and hit the road looking for some fun and wound up back at Pahrump Winery for lunch at the Symphony Restaurant. We were last seen there about a month ago. In fact, our waitress asked if we’d been there before, because we looked familiar. I was wondering when they’d start recognizing us. 🙂

After Saturday’s gourmet extravaganza, we were looking for something a little smaller so Rich had his favorite Onion Soup (although, this version came without the cheese and croutons) and Club Sandwich, and I had my usual Lobster Bisque and Sirloin French Dip. I do love my beef! We also each had a glass of our new favorite wine that we had last time – it’s a Red Blend called CZS for Cab, Zin, and Syrah. Yum!

We didn’t take pictures because we’d had these selections before, except for the dessert, which was amazing. I was going to pass on dessert, but Rich just happened to order my favorite thing. Then I was just going to have a bite, but I ended up splitting it with him 50/50 – I just couldn’t resist bananas, caramel, whipped cream, and ice cream – yum, yum, yum, yum, yum!


Banana Caramel Xango

Now the problem with all of this weekend splurging is that it’s so hard to get back on track today. And to make things worse, I’m having a bit of post Tampa depression – we could have been on our way but we said no. Don’t know when the next opportunity will appear.

At least we have our Disneyland Food & Wine trip to look forward to. So maybe that’s it – when we booked our pet sitter for that trip today, we had to tell him about Lovey and he expressed his sympathies and that triggered another day of grief.

So maybe the right opportunity will come at a better time after we’ve gotten over the first surges of grief over our baby girl.

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