Lake Las Vegas on A Roulette Wheel of Wants

We’ve come up with about 5 variations of what we could or should do next. It’s like a roulette wheel of wants – it spins around and lands on different desires.

Sunday we landed on Lake Las Vegas, one of our favorite places to get away, explore the village, pop into shops, stroll the Promenade alongside the water, picnic lunch on the grassy area, or eat a yummy lunch at our favorite – Sonrisa Grill.

We were seated by the window, and Rich ordered his signature drink – Mai Tai – and I ordered my signature drink – spicy Margarita. We snacked on a basket of colorful chips and fresh salsa, which was a step above most places.

Rich ordered the beef enchiladas and I ordered the beef tacos – both quite tasty and the closest we could get to SOL, our favorite Mexican restaurant in Newport Beach.

After a quite tasty lunch and drinks, we enjoyed our Sunday stroll, along with other people doing the same thing as couples and families. We even grabbed a pecan chocolate bite from the Rocky Mountain candy store for dessert.

It was really a lovely day, and a rare day in the Las Vegas area where you feel like you’re doing something normal. Here are a few snaps and a video:









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