Good News, Bad News

I can’t really share what exactly that means, but the good news is, we may have a Plan B.

The bad news is the vet called and Lovey’s remains were ready to be picked up. We both lost it at the vet’s, and we had a little setback in our grief. It took Rich by surprise because he’d been so busy at work that he hadn’t had time to really grieve. I, on the other hand, spend the day in Lovey’s house and see her everywhere. She’s been such a huge part of our life for almost 16 years.

So what do I do when life becomes hard? I turn to music. We’d heard this song the night before listening to Jimmy Buffett on SiriusXM, which I recognized from one of my favorite movies Because I Said So. So I went into the studio to see what I could do with it. It’s a tricky song to sing, but I really love the groove.

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