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The meeting went well yesterday. Now we wait for the next step. But what a thing to deal with when we’re grieving for our Lovey. Skipper slept most of the day, then got up for lunch at around 3 p.m., let out a big howl, and ran upstairs and went back to sleep. Shadow ran around like a crazy man, knocked over his cat tree, howled, and ran upstairs. I feel like doing the same. Instead, I’m blogging. đŸ™‚

Grieving for Buddy was so all encompassing – I didn’t want to go through that again. But you can’t really tell yourself not to. You must grieve. Wondering how long it took to get over the initial grief, I realized, well, until Rich was in the hospital. That put things into perspective. But maybe that was just a temporary halt to the grief and the grieving only lessened as we rebuilt our lives, just the 4 of us, by changing our environment. We had a brief 4-month stop in Portland, Oregon for Rich’s job, and then Sunnyvale, California for a year.

So maybe a move would be a good thing, although if it’s Florida, this would be the first time the “original” 5 of us wouldn’t be going. No Buddy. No Lovey. Somehow that feels less than, although we’re already talking about getting a new girl kitty once we get settled, should we move on.

The hardest part is watching Skipper grieve his Lovey. They truly were husband and wife. When we first got Skipper, well, it was love at first sight for me. I felt so guilty because I’d sworn my allegiance to Ginger. I didn’t think I could ever love a kitty more than I loved her. He knew she was the Queen and he gave her proper respect, treading lightly, giving her a wide berth as we hugged the walls. When she was gone, he mourned for 3 days, and then he realized he was the new King and he took over, as the dominant cat.


Buddy and Skipper, brothers, as Kittens

Three or four weeks later we brought Lovey home, and Skipper fell in love immediately. He was so much bigger than her, but he was very gentle, and came to her rescue whenever he thought she needed it. Even when Rich picked her up to show her the outside, Skipper would give us a look that said, “Hey, be careful with her!” And those two were inseparable. He became hers – she was very possessive – and I had to admire Skipper from afar. Now I have him back but it’s not the same because the real joy of Skipper, as it turns out, was watching him with his Lovey. It’s so painful to see him mourn her. I want to take away his pain and bring his Lovey back.

After Buddy left, he was the brother-in-law, Lovey and Skipper only grew closer. It was a beautiful thing to see, and I’m thankful to have witnessed it. But I’m grieving for so much more than just Lovey. I’m grieving for Skipper and his Bride.


Skipper and his Bride of 15.5 years

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