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We lost Lovey yesterday. She refused to eat and she was so thin, so we took her back to the vet. Normally a stocky kitty of about 9 or 10 pounds, she’d lost muscle mass and was down to about 7 pounds after her diabetes 4 years ago and had dropped to 5 pounds yesterday.

Up until she stopped eating two days ago, she’d been eating ravenously. During the holidays, I got her some special “Pumpkin Soup” from Petco, one of the brands that was low carb for her diabetes. Every morning around 11 a.m., she’d come downstairs and ask for it.

She’d eat breakfast with Skipper first thing in the morning. After her pumpkin soup, they’d have lunch together, and she’d show up when Skipper woke up and yelled for his his afternoon snack, dinner, bedtime snack. In fact, he’d yell even more that she was eating all his food. 🙂

And then she had her dental work done in January after tests showed her healthy enough to undergo the treatment. So how did she go downhill after that so quickly? Guess her diabetes complicated her kidney issues. It was her time to go. I really cannot find the words to express my grief – not only for me and the family but for Skipper, her sweetheart of almost 16 years.

Skipper was a year old the day we brought Lovey home to replace our precious Ginger. We had two boy kittens but once Ginger was gone, I realized I had to have a girl. And Lovey loved being that little girl. She loved to do “mommy” things with me, loved laps, and even loved to dance with me as I held her and we swayed to music together.

After our frequent trips to Disneyland, we’d get a report from the sitter that said, “somebody was being silly,” meaning my underwear drawer was open and some of it had been thrown on the floor. That was Lovey’s way of saying she didn’t like us being gone.

I remember how we decided to get her. I’d gone to the mall to buy a new pair of pants. The mall wasn’t open yet so I joined the mall walkers and it occurred to me that I needed a girl. I called Rich and he agreed and called the breeder where we’d gotten Skipper and his brother, Little Buddy. Kim said she had one girl but she was attached to this one boy and so he’d have to go with her. Well, we couldn’t have 4 cats so Kim agreed we could have Lovey. And she became totally attached to Skipper. Btw, I came home without the pants. We joked later that Lovey was “better than pants.”

Skipper, the dominant cat, snorted once when he saw Lovey and after that they were married. We joked that for them it was “love at first snort.” It took Buddy a little longer to accept her but once she chased him, he was all in. But if Buddy dared to pick on Lovey, Skipper was right there to bop him and put him in his place. He was so protective of his Lovey.

It’s hard to be in this house without Lovey. I put away her white wrap that was on the bed where she slept. It’s hard to find a place to sit down in the living room because they’re all associated with giving Lovey a lap – she was quite the lap girl.

Skipper is wandering the house and then coming to me for comfort. This is the hardest part – watching him grieve for her. When she’d been at the vets lately, he’d look at me with such pain in his eyes asking me where his Lovey was. He and Shadow were both concerned for her because they knew something wasn’t quite right.

She wasn’t up for another trip across the country, so if we’re meant to move on, it’s best that she went to the Rainbow Bridge now. I’d hoped that she could have bounced back and become super kitty. I wanted her to be on our next adventure. I will always love and miss her. I can’t believe she’s gone!

When I scroll through the photos on my iPhone, I see kitty pictures, cruises, kitty pictures, Disneyland, kitty pictures, Disney World, kitty pictures, Hawaii, kitty pictures, etc. So I thought I’d share just a few highlights from Lovey’s world.

As a side note, when people saw Lovey for the first time, they’d say, “You’re so pretty” as if they were the first to say it. She heard it so many times, she probably thought that was her name. And on the last day of her life, the vet, who hadn’t seen her before, said, “She’s so beautiful.” What a perfect ending for such a special girl!

Lovey is the creme colored Burmese and Skipper is the chocolate-ticked silver Tabby Burmilla (Shadow is a smaller, lighter version of Skipper).





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