T Minus 3

The plan for today is to watch Lovey and try to get her to eat. She’s had bad days before, but usually the next day is better. I hope this is true for today.

With this turn of events, I’m tempted to call off any ideas of entertaining any life changes. It’s tempting to buy a Disneyland AP on Saturday and focus on mini, frequent trips to Disneyland. But, as they say, “if you change nothing, nothing changes.”

After dealing with the dentist lately, I’m convinced Las Vegas is full of thieves. And this about a dentist that comes highly recommended. That’s the thing, the medical community professionals who come highly-recommended here in Las Vegas are still thieves. You really shouldn’t be brought to tears over minor issues in the doctor and dentist offices. They love to employ scare tactics. My former boss used to say, “They may try to steal from you, but at least they’re honest about it.” He retired and is now living in South Carolina. Hmmm…

It’s important to take change of your medical care. I did and I no longer need meds for my blood pressure. The meds were making me sick. The doctor refused to change it and said, “At least it’s working.” Yes, but so had diet and exercise. My daily blood pressure readings are proof. No wonder I was having such problems with the meds – I didn’t need them. I was being overmedicated. I really had to fight off their aggressive pill-pushing routine. At least, the doctor is happy with my results. But when I insisted on doing medical tests one at a time, and put off those that are recommended at an age I haven’t arrived at yet, they put me in the “uncooperative” box and wrote in my chart that I’d “refused” certain treatments. Not true.

Our health care system in this country needs more than Obamacare or Trumpcare or whatever you want to call it. We need a major overhaul in how we treat people, we need real medical “care.” Thankfully, we’ve found a pretty awesome vet. I wish we could go to her for our own medical needs. Ha! But see? No matter how hard I try not to talk politics, it’s impossible these days – it touches everything.

Rich misses his doctor in Tampa. I met him once and he seemed pretty awesome. I miss my eye doctor in Orlando. Wonder if I would still go to him if we lived in Tampa. He was very good and had an awesome way about him. He’d say stuff like, “So what are you two kids up to today?” But I don’t miss that horrible doctor that jumped to horrible conclusions about Rich when he was in the hospital for pneumonia. Thankfully, a specialist came in and knew exactly what was wrong. But that experience also led to us leaving Florida to get back to our home in Las Vegas.

That in addition to losing Buddy so soon after we arrived. So with Lovey’s fragile health and all that could be ahead of us should we be presented with an opportunity to move on, and should we accept that opportunity, well, there’s a lot to consider.


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