T Minus 4

Lovey had a rough day today. She recently underwent dental surgery, and at that time, was quite healthy. But we did discover that she’s at the beginning stages of kidney disease. She is also quit thin now. We’ve been trying to fatten her up by feeding her special kitty snacks she loves. But now she’s been vomiting the last 2 days. We called her vet tonight, but she’d already left for the day and has Wednesday off. So we hope to take her in on Thursday.

We fear she cannot make another cross-country trip. But she’s fooled us before. Four years ago she had diabetes and then she didn’t. The vet said, “Lovey doesn’t want to be diabetic anymore.” We we relieved because we lost Buddy to diabetic complications.

Around the same time, she had an allergic reaction to fleas after we’d taken her to this big recommended vet full of dogs. She lost most of her fur and was quite thin. We were sure she wouldn’t make it back to Vegas, but she did. Not only did she make it back, but it’s been over 3 years now.

She was the best mommy cat ever when we got Shadow. She cleaned him practically 24/7. 🙂

If she does go soon, it will be so hard on us to move on. It would be difficult to move her when she’s not feeling 100%. It would also be difficult to stay in the place she’s called home for so many years.

We still can’t believe Buddy’s been gone for 5 years next month. That made the transition to Orlando extra difficult – all I could think about was moving back into our house in Vegas where we’d all been a family.

Skipper is her “husband,” and has looked out for her since the day she arrived. It was love at first snort. Nothing will make him move his big butt more than food or if Lovey is in trouble. When she had that flea problem, she slept on the dining room table, and he slept right alongside her. He loves her so!

Kitties – they’re our kids, we love them very much, and it’s so hard to see them go.


Lovey imitating Shadow.

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