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So the details for the 2017 Food & Wine Festival at DCA were announced yesterday but it seems it’s all booked up – at  least the special events we’re interested in, which we checked yesterday afternoon. Disneyland is becoming more and more difficult to get anywhere near.

Oh how I miss the days when we could stay onsite because the rates were reasonable – pre-Cars Land. But now because of the demand, the onsite hotel rates are insane and the offsite hotels are mostly booked for the long weekend in February. And it’s not me just being picky – the Trackers said something similar on their last trip to Disneyland when, for the first time, they stayed offsite.

At least, WDW has moderate and value resorts – Disneyland only has deluxe, if you can count Paradise Pier as being deluxe – we don’t. And the new hotel they’re going to build is even pricier than ever.

Parking is practically impossible – it takes about 45 minutes to park in the parking garage and walk or shuttle to the Park entrances. At least with the good neighbor hotels, there are shuttles for $5 per person per day.

The easy parking at Downtown Disney is on its way to being no more – first valet parking became ridiculously expensive, and then disappeared altogether. And now a parking structure and hotel(?) will take over that space.

If we don’t move on, I’m not sure we’ll get another Disneyland AP. It may be time to widen our scope and vacay elsewhere. The best thing about having a Disneyland AP is that it’s a quick, fun, and frequent getaway from Las Vegas. So if we can just cope with the good neighbor hotels, an AP might be worth it.

It’s no longer the DCA Food & Wine experience of 2010, a year that really stood out for us for both Disneyland and Disney World. It was the new 1999. 🙂

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