The 20th Anniversary Celebration Continues on the Fun Ship: Day 5, Puerto Vallarta

Who: Rich and Kathy
Where: Los Angeles to the Mexican Riviera
What: Carnival Miracle
When: August 13-20, 2016
Why: The 20th Wedding Anniversary Celebration Continues

Today is our Anniversary Day! 20 years ago today we were joined together by God forever in the sacrament of marriage at St. Stephen Orthodox Church in Cupertino, CA. A very special blessing that we celebrate today.

We woke up with the ship already docked at Puerto Vallarta. It was stormy, raining pretty hard. It’s the first time we’ve seen PV this way. It remained cloudy all morning, although the rain stopped before long.

We relaxed in our cabin with room service breakfast: cereal, banana, coffee, and juice. And then we continued to relax until lunch time. We’ve been to PV 3 times in the past year and we didn’t plan to do much today. We might have gotten off the ship to stroll the shops and grab a quick bite if Kathy hadn’t sprained her toe. We’d heard there been more violence in PV, but staying close to the ship would probably have been okay.

So, we strolled the promenade again, taking videos of PV. (Videos to be uploaded.)

Then we stopped in the Lido buffet for a salad for Kathy and a grilled Reuben sandwich for Rich.

The next stop was the Serenity aft pool area, where we settled in the shade to read our books and enjoy the drink of the day, the Sunburst (vodka, mango, and peach schnapps).


After reading, we headed back to the cabin to rest before our anniversary dinner at Nick and Nora’s steakhouse at 7 pm. At 2:30 when I went to take a rinse in the shower, we found that the hot water wasn’t working. Guest Services told us that it would be fixed by 4:30 pm. It actually wasn’t fixed until 6:30 pm, forcing Kathy to shower in cold water.

Nevertheless, we got ready and headed to Nick and Nora’s at 6:45 pm. We were seated at a table for two by the window and had excellent service, although the whole experience was better on our May 2015 cruise, including the awesome photo of us at the table together.

We ordered a glass of Kathie Lee Gifford Gifft Red Blend wine for each of us and were served an amuse bouche, a mini slider, which was quite tasty.

amuseKathy had the lobster bisque, iceberg lettuce salad, and the filet mignon, medium.




Rich had the baked onion soup, Caesar salad, and five-spice rubbed ribeye. We each ordered the ginger ice cream for dessert.





Then the servers surprised us with an anniversary dessert, a cookies and cream tart and two glasses of champagne.


It was a lot of food, but it was all delicious, although Kathy was starting to not feel well, which, little did we know, a portent of things to come.

Still, we had great service and a wonderful celebration of our 20th anniversary.

After 8:00 pm, we headed back to the cabin for 8:30 pm sailaway and another sip of our Merlot in the cabin.

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