4th of July Road Trip: Las Vegas to Laughlin

Summers in the desert drive me mad – worse than summers in Florida. No trees, no grass, no water (well, not much), with the intense blazing sun baring down on you. And no place to go – Las Vegas is very isolating.

But long about 5 p.m. on a weekend, I have to get out of the house. This past Sunday, we didn’t know where we should go – we’d been everywhere close. But we hadn’t been to Lake Mead or Hoover Dam in awhile so we jumped in the Jeep and headed that way. Somewhere along the way, we saw a sign that said “Searchlight” and “Laughlin.” Well, we hadn’t been to Laughlin and weren’t sure this was the time to do it. How far was it and would we get back before dark?

The Jeep navigation system couldn’t seem to find either so we thought we’d just head out that way and see how far we got. But by the time we made it to Searchlight, it was so underwhelming, we decided to press on to Laughlin and the sign indicated it would only take about 45 more minutes.

The other purpose of this trip was to continue to capture the area on our GoPro – not only to have in our archives – but as practice in getting to know the tips and tricks of it.

Here are the 3 videos of our road trip to Laughlin and back from our home in Las Vegas. Next, we’ll post about lessons learned with the GoPro so far.

Road Trip Part 1: From Las Vegas to Searchlight

Road Trip Part 2: Laughlin on the Colorado River

Road Trip Part 3: Laughlin to Las Vegas, Dusk to Dark

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